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  1. Does Hopkinsville Community College have a good nursing school? Thanks
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  3. by   JinJerEvansRN
    I graduated from Hopkinsville Community College in May 2005. I had a really good experience there. A lot of changes were taking place at that time, we did not have to take a placement test to get in. We went by ACT score and GPA. My first year instructor was fabulous, but she moved to Alabama. Have you also checked out Madisonville Community College? Do you live in this area? I live in Cadiz, so Hopkinsville was very easy to get to. Let me know if you need any more info!
  4. by   cajjj
    I'm glad to hear you had a good experience there, do you happen to know their NCLEX pass rate? I live in Bowling Green and thinking about relocating to Hopkinsville for various reasons. So you would recommend their nursing school?
  5. by   JinJerEvansRN
    The year I started I believe it was about 95%, but I am not for sure. I would recommend it, but they do have some different instructors now, although a lot of the ones I had are still there. Good Luck!
  6. by   krn_hd
    I attend HCC nursing program and I like it. They have a high rate on board passes. Not sure the %. The head of the program is great and the instructors are always willing to lend a helping hand. I think it would be a good choice.
  7. by   cheryn
    I graduated form there in May 2006. the program is hard but it is well worth it. After talking to many students from the Madisonville program, I think the HCC one is best. Our class was one of the largest classes to graduate (61 students) and I only heard of 3 not passing the NCLEX. For the first year, I would recommend Ms. Wacks. She is thorough and compassionate. The second year depends on what you want in your instructor: Ms. Barlow is laid back, Ms. Bozarth is task oriented, Ms. Askew is a little flighty, laid back, and compassionate and that is all I can say about them. I will tell you this, in the second semester I was in Ms. Pniewski's group, she is great but maybe too laid back for the uninformed, and we went to Greenview Medical Center in Bowling Green. There were alot of WKU 4th year students there and they pretty much held the walls up with their fingers up their noses because they were too scared/or too lazy to do anything. all the nurses had glowing compliments for the HCC students in comparison to the WKU students. We knew more and our level of functioning far surpassed them. Madisonville's NCLEX success rate is not as high as HCC and many of their students felt they were not given the tools they needed to enter the nursing field.
  8. by   FutureNrsJaren
    I am planning doing my nursing courses at HCC and I am really looking foward to it. I have a BS in another field but I really can't see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I am glad to know that I will be going to a school that will prepare me for my job. I am in agriculture now and though I have a degree in agriculture business, I fell that the courses that I took in collge didn't prepare me for what this job is really about. Right now I am starting on my pre-reqs. I am happy to hear good things about the school I am planning to attend.
  9. by   busy girl
    I just graduated from their program in May. I know a lot of the faculty have changed since the day I started (none of my teachers are there anymore). From my experience and their pass rate on NCLEX, its an excellent program. Very tough though...think nursing school in warped speed! lol. From beginning to end we lost over half of our original class...some went on to other programs and did very well. Good Luck, and would love to hear more about it as you progress through the program!
  10. by   Feather Doll
    I just have a quick question. People say Hopkinsville nursing program is "very hard".. I want someone to back that up with something.. and explain to a student curious in getting into the program what to expect. What did you go through in the program. What were your studing nights like, etc.. Thanks for Sharing.
  11. by   greeniebean
    I don't go to HCC but I have a friend in their program. She says it's very thourogh and hands on (which she likes, being a hands on learner). Everyone I've ever talked about Madisonville says it's mostly writing and watching. Not hands on enough. I attend school in Paducah, and I really like it. Start the nursing program in January, so I can't really comment on the actual program yet.
  12. by   ehightower0001
    Spring 09, I hope to be accepted into the nursing program at HCC. I plan on taking the PAX-RN sometime soon. Are there any study groups at HCC for the Pax-RN?
  13. by   moflo70
    I was wondering what a competitive composite score for the PAX-RN exam would be for Hopkinsville? I am taking the test this Thursday and would like to have an idea!

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