Galen's PAX-RN Test?

  1. Hello all,

    Has anyone taken Galen's new PAX-PN test?? I will be taking it this Saturday :uhoh21: and was wondering if anyone could tell me their experience. Thanks!
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  3. by   mommyo5
    Hello again,
    You may not get too many responses to this since this test is so new at Galen Louisville. You can actually find quite a bit of info on it by just putting PAX-PN into the search bar. It comes up with several people from other schools that have taken this test. It is the same test just different schools. I hope this was helpful and I am sure you will do fine!
  4. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Yeah that's what I was afraid of. I went to the Louisville Library to see if I could find a study guide (I really don't want to buy one) but I was only able to find a study guide for the PCAT for Pharmacy School. I went ahead and grabbed it...I don't think it would be too different from the PCAT for nursing school....right???
  5. by   mommyo5
    I'm not sure what's in the book you received but I did find some info from another post. I will paste it here for you to take a look.

    "hey!...i took the pax pn on sat nov.15...i was nervous too but i think since i had recently taken another entrance exam for an rn program i kinda had an idea of what to expect. basically i studied from an nln-rn review book and i did good. The basic math and english should be studied....(reading passages and inferring main ideas, vocabulary, fractions, decimals, proportions, etc)....the science was a combination of cell biology, gen. chem, and some review that as important thing is to not spend too much time on one question.

    if i remember correctly: english section- 80 ques.-60 min
    math section- 60 ques- 60min
    science- 80 ques- 60 min
    nd the whole test was on the computer.....(something i didnt"

    I hope this helps!
  6. by   MissGwen
    I took it a few years ago when I was going to go to another program. I did not study at all and scored in the 89th percentile. From what I remember, it is similar to the ACT.

    I would think the PCAT would be very different than the PAX-RN.

  7. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Thanks Miss Gwen, once I actually opened the book up I realized it wasn't at all what I needed. I did get a different book that is a study guide specifically for Nursing School Entrance Exams like the PAX-PN.
    I go in the morning to take it and I have been studying all week!
    I am feeling pretty good about it. The good news is I plan to attend Galen at night. I know it will take longer but unfortunately I HAVE to work during the day, so this was my only option. Anyway, my admissions person told me there are several slots still open and basically as long as I pass the exam I shouldn't have a problem with being accepted for the October class. I am just really hoping I don't get test anxiety!
  8. by   kerry wood
    i am doing the pax test saturday at galen for the lvn course, could someone pls give me an idea as to whats it like. i am scared because i think it is hard. could i study for a wk and take the exam?

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