Calling all Paducah, KY Nurses!

  1. I am a pre-nursing student at WKCTCS (Paducah) and noticed the KY forum seems overrun with people in Lexington-Louisville area. If you are a current or former student at the college or just a Paducah nurse in general give a shout out. We newbs need some good resources and some insider info on the local nursing scene.

    I am a 32 year old male starting my nursing classes either spring or fall 2010 (may need the prereqs from fall to bankrupt a 10-year old B.A. GPA to get accepted). I am interested in ICU at either local hospital and eventually getting my CRNA.
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  3. by   greeniebean
    I also go to WKCTC. hoping to get accepted in spring of 2010
  4. by   greeniebean
    there's a user named Ocelot on this site that is in the program at WKCTCS now. She has been great about answering any questions i've had. She told me the spring semester is usually less competitive (not sure why). Good Luck!
  5. by   SHW129
    I am currently in the nursing program now at WKCTC. Not many of us on here from P-town!!

    Cutoff for points for Fall 08 was 63 and Spring 09 was 55. I believe cutoff for Fall 09 was in the sixties also. Can't be sure. I do know they are making changes to the program on the points/cutoffs. If I hear anything else I will let you all know. Good luck to you guys!! If I do hear, I will post. I check the boards every couple of weeks.
  6. by   grbrico

    Graduated gosh.. going on 6 years ago.. dang the time flies....

    Not so competitive in the spring.. because... I imagine... you dont walk graduation.. I mean you can... I started spring... and graduated in December... we had our own pinning ceremony it was better than any graduation... not sure if thats why they dont start then.. or just decide that starting in the fall is better for them... go figure..

    My background is ICU/CCU Im now in Hospice and loving it..

    however... Both hospitals have great units either one you decide on going with you will get well educated after you graduate.. they both have wonderful training programs.... I learned so much from going into ICU/CCU as a new grad.

    Good Luck and look out for Connie in Psych Semester if she is still teaching... she is a hoot!
  7. by   greeniebean
    I went to my conference to apply yesterday. From now on, no one with under 60 points can be admitted to the program. Shari said that in the past few years the trend has been that students that get accepted with under 60 pts haven't done well so that's why the changed the cutoff. (my friend said last semester the cutoff was 50 pts). I'm really nervous to see if I got in! 6 weeks to wait!

    Yesterday's conference was the last one to apply for the spring and there were 80 people there, and Shari said there were at least that many at all the other conferences also, so a lot of people are trying to get in!

    Also- Make sure you get to your conference on time because they will now be dismissing anyone who comes in more than about 10 minutes late. Some girl came in at 10 after 4:00 yesterday and they couldn't let her in(new policy) so now she can't apply for spring at all! I felt so bad for her but at the same time they need you to hear all the information so I understand. (I got there an hour early to be on the safe side! LOL!)

    Good LUck to all applying!
  8. by   keithjones
    I hope the 60 pt cutoff isn't a hard, fast rule (she didnt mention it at our conference last month). I have a 10 year old 2.6 GPA pulling me down... I can bankrupt that in the fall once i do 12hrs. of prereqs. If I score 95-99th Percentile on my pre-exam (which I took on 6/6) I will only have 56 points. I should have more like 96 by the end of fall semester. If i could even get the 5 points for completing 12 credit hours i would push past 60... Grrr dont want to do all my Co-reqs in the spring but I guess I may have to! Anyway good luck to all of you.. should know something for sure in a little less thana month.
  9. by   greeniebean
    Yea I think if the 80th person on the list had under 60 points they would still let them in. I mean as long as you have a 2.0 GPA you've met the requirments there, and you said you took the NLN so you've got that. I think she meant they are less successful (but in your case that old GPA is biting you in the a**) Good Luck to you!
  10. by   keithjones
    just got my NLN score back, got 99th percentile! so 56 is my point total until after fall semester... sucks if i dont get accepted for spring since i should have 90+ points by the time the semester starts!
  11. by   greeniebean
    I had a similar problem. I was going to apply for this fall but I didn't yet have 12 college hours. Well I'll admit I goofed off in high school so my GPA SUCKED! my advisor told me If i wanted a fighting chance of getting in I'd do better to wait it out another semester so my college GPA would be used. And thats what I did, so whenI applied this past monday i had 93 points whereas if i had applied for the fall i would have had 61.

    That is an AWESOME NLN score! You should be very proud of yourself!!
  12. by   greeniebean
    To anyone on this thread that is in the program at WKCTC, do you get to pick your first clinical location? I've noticed a lot of poeple on other threads talking about signing up for a clinical location and was just wondering if we also got to pick our assignments. I know the clinicals the first semester are at Lourdes and Parkview but do you do both or pick one? Thanks in advance for replies!
  13. by   D.R.A.
    Hey everyone!! I'm an applicant for Spring '10 ADN at WKCTC too. I received my letter stating my application file was complete a couple weeks ago! I have 95 pts which I am fairly certain will secure my place in the program Shari said the maximum pts acheived thus far was 98 back in the fall '09.

    I'm taking MT 110 online currently, and will take A&P I and NAA 100 this fall. I'm finished with all my other pre-reqs.
  14. by   greeniebean
    I got my letter today and I have 93 points. So she said above 90 pts was good? I haven't talked to that many other students so I wasn't sure what the median points was, but that makes me feel a lot better!
    I'm taking A&P l this fall also. Who are you taking? I've got ballard and hilinka. Hopefully we are both in!!!!