Bellarmine or MCON? Which is better

  1. Hi all,

    I am a male student. i was accepted into 2 accelrated nursing programs which I need some advice between choosing the best program.

    I am accepted into Bellarmine's accelerated BSN program which begins in May 2010 and last 12 months. Also, I was accepted into Methodist College or Nursing program whihc begins in Aug 2010 and lasts until 2012 (18 months). Bellarmine is very expensive , MCON is expensive too but more affordable.

    Any experienced nursing students already in or done with either of these two program can provide any advice would be very helpful in my decision.

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  3. by   luvmy2dogs
    I can't comment on MCON, but I do have experience with Bellarmine. Let me start by saying it is a very high quality program and you will be well prepared to pass the NCLEX. Most of the lecture and clinical instructors are knowledgeable and experienced.

    This program is only doable if you have adequate financing to complete it in its entirety. Be very sure that you can do this. As a second degree student, your options may be limited. The class offerings are not flexible, so if you run into a problem you could be waiting a year or more to get back in. The program overall is very tough. I had a pretty rigorous background in my undergrad degree but I had never experienced anything quite like this. You will be sleep deprived preparing for clinicals thoroughly, as well as the hefty courseload with exams each week. There really is no room for mistakes and you can't afford to get behind on reading or assignments. I think their dropout rate is at least 30%. Some of these students will continue through the traditional track, however.

    The other factors to consider are family or other responsibilities. There are typically only a handful of people with kids, and for a good reason. You pretty much give up your life for a year to finish this program.

    Hopefully, some other current or former students can give you some input as well. Let me know if you can think of any other specific questions.
  4. by   goodguy123

    Excellent feedback. This is the exact feedback I was looking for. Thank You soo much. I have the option between a 22 month program and a 12 month program, and I think I may go with MCON the 22 month, because I keep hearing Bellarmine is very intense and very expensive. If anyone has any reasons for me to go to Bellarmine, please let me know.

  5. by   TexHaws

    I was accepted to the MCON program for the fall of 2010 as well. Let me know what else you have learned about the program.
  6. by   dwaynea
    Good Guy and Tex,
    So how did things work out? ARe you at MCON or Bellarmine?
    How is the experience so far?
  7. by   dwaynea
    I looked at MCON site and I maybe in the wrong part of the site but it seems it is for people who work. The classes are Tue and Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday. Is this the prgram you are talking about?

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