Bellarmine ABSN May 2017

  1. Hi everyone! I am waiting to hear back from Bellarmine about admission for the May 2017 ABSN program. I'd love to get to know some other people who have applied!
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  3. by   ottiek1027
    Hello! I am currently in the program... set to graduate May 2017 if all goes well.
    Let me know if you have questions!
  4. by   lrtyson
    Hi! That's awesome! How do you like the program so far? Bellarmine held a webinar the other night and everything about the school sounds great. Are you from Kentucky or did you relocate for school?
  5. by   lrtyson
    I've heard it's very intense, I think that's the case with most ABSN programs. The done in one year aspect of it is great - it would be a crazy start for me because I'll be finishing up my undergrad in May so I'd probably have to take some exams early and come back for graduation. I have worked as a CNA for a while now so hopefully that will help, and I definitely understand it's going to be tough! How many people did you start out with as opposed to now?
  6. by   elephantlover
    I was just accepted today. I have found some of the other forums on Bellarmine's ABSN program to be a bit alarming. I have a science and CNA background so I think I am ready for one year of rigor, however the other forums do not paint a good picture of this program.
  7. by   ottiek1027
    Hi! Feel free to send me a private message and I'll answer everything
  8. by   katej17
    Hi! I also am waiting for my application to be processed. I am a senior at UofL with a major in biology and a minor in math. I'm excited for this next chapter but also pretty nervous. Anyone else from around Louisville? And does anyone have suggestions on how to cover the tuition costs?
  9. by   Katiekay766
    Do not go here. Everyone is accepted with a gpa above a 1.5
  10. by   hvpollock
    Hey everyone! I was just accepted and plan on going into the May 2017 cohort. I'm also really nervous! Moving from California
  11. by   Tweetto
    I just got accepted as well! However, I don't have my CNA course completed yet. I've been looking for some fast CNA courses but they're about 6-8 weeks long. Does anyone know of any CNA courses in Orange County, CA??
  12. by   student20122
    Some people are saying do not go here

    Please tell us the good and bad things about this school

    Thank you
  13. by   ottiek1027
    It is a very intense program and a lot of people fail... but that is because they accept everyone who meets the requirements. That being said there are 50 or so of us that are still going to be graduating in May. Bellarmine has a really good reputation in the Louisville area... many people in my cohort already have accepted job offers and we don't graduate until May (including me). If you do the work and work very hard it is do-able. Bellarmine gives you great opportunities for clinicals in all different specialties and if you pass the accelerate program you can definitely get really high profile jobs like ICU in trauma center, labor and delivery, and surgery right out of school... you won't find that many places. It is super expensive and about half of the people don't make it... but it is the best thing I ever did!
  14. by   ottiek1027
    also, there are A LOT of people who have moved from the west coast to do this program ... so you aren't alone.

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