Anyone heard of Juniper Health

  1. They are building a clinic up this way and wanted to know some more about them.
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  3. by   mhblast12
    As a matter of fact my sister is there new ad. min assistent for Juniper Health. They will have there new clinic open in Beattyville by Jan. 1st 2006.
    They are currently seeing patients at the Comp care building on Fairground Ridge in Beattyville. They accept all types of insurance and also have a sliding scale based on income if you have no insurance. They service the needs of any one with mental or physical health needs. I hope this helps you, the new clinic is located on the same rd. that Joey Minter has his vet. clinic go out of Beattyville toward Natural Bridge pass dairy queen and its the first rd. on the right after you pass Congelton Brothers.