Age to become a CNA?

  1. How old do you have to be to become a CNA in Kentucky?
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  3. by   jean36
    no age limits,provided you can keep up to the job,it is very demanding depending on the floor.
  4. by   breakinglightx
    I've been told that it's eighteen, and I even heard once that it's twenty one. I'll be seventeen in a couple of months. I have a job, but it only goes until November. I'll be starting college in August, and I'll need to find something in November because I may be moving in October. Where I live, a lot of places are hiring CNAs for all shifts, part-time and full-time. I'm looking to become a nurse, and I figured that if I can become a CNA after this job ends, it'd provide two great benefits: a paycheck and a sight into what working in the medical field would be like (before I spend a lot of time and student loans studying nursing to find that I don't belong in the medical field
  5. by   KYERT
    It is 18! Also, I learned so much depending on where you get a job as a CNA, it doesn't necessarily define a RN's job. So don't let it totally influence you, I would have I wouldn't have never went to Nursing school. lol But it's a great place to start and you can actually grown into other positions within hopsitals once you get your CNA under your belt. My favorite job was an ER Tech.
  6. by   so alive LPN
    16. thats it, just 16. Look at the KBON website.
  7. by   greeniebean
    I got mine when I was 16. That was 6 years ago. But recently I've worked with 16-17 year olds so I'm guessing it's still 16.

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