Kent State Accelerated Spring 2017

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I just sent in my application for kent state accelerated program for the January 2017 start and was wondering if anyone else had applied here in the past or for this cohort start date????? Would love some advice!!! :)

Just applied for the spring 2017 cohort as well!

im so nervous! do you know when we are supposed to hear back?

Well, they don't start reviewing applications until September 1st and then you should find out three weeks after that date. I heard there is an interview process?

I just submitted my application as well! Glad I found this forum. Good luck to you both! I don't think there is an interview process, I went to two information sessions and they never mentioned it.

Have either of you heard anything back yet?

I also have not heard anything back, but I was added to a College of Nursing BSN course on Blackboard. However, I believe all pre-nursing students were added. Is this correct? I'm getting a little nervous about not hearing back yet.

Yeah I think we just get automatically added because you should have declared nursing as your major when you applied to Kent main. Well I got an email last week and the advisor had wanted a copy of a syllabus for a research methods in dietetics course I took during undergrad to see if it would fulfill the statistics requirement. So I am hoping that is a good sign. Do you mind me asking where you did your undergrad?

That does sound promising... I hope someone contacts us soon! =)

I went to UA for undergrad, how about you? I also registered to attend an online web seminar to learn more about the program. I see you've gone to two of them! How were they?

I hope so too! Tomorrow will be three weeks so maybe we will here something. I went to YSU, I graduated in 2012. They were really helpful. I went to one in person and I liked that one a lot and then I did the webinar one a few months later to see if anything had changed. I believe they only do them online now.

Yeah, I haven't heard anything yet either! Did you guys have alll the prerequisites completed? (Including the additional courses)

Yeah I had all prerequisites completed and all but two of the additional courses (genetics and that nursing course) but I'm currently enrolled in them this semester. My undergrad was a Bachelor of Science so that helped having the chemistry/biology/and A&P courses done.