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Keiser (Wolford) CRNA 2019 Applicants

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14 hours ago, C.Parrish CCRN said:

I've been following this thread for quite some time and let me just say, thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses. It has really helped me with my decision to apply to Keiser. 
For the students that are already in the program, I wanted to know what you think of your current clinical rotations? Do you feel like you are given quality time in the OR and have a diverse amount of experiences? Also, how is the quality of the simulation lab? Do you feel you are given an ample amount of time to practice your skills or is there extra time set aside for you to practice if you'd like?
These questions may have already been answered in which case I apologize for asking again. Thank you all so much again for all your help. This has been such a stressful process 😅

The clinical experience has been great so far. Everyone has a little bit different time, but overall you get a good mix of cases and plenty of OR time. We had students doing hearts in their first rotation, along with Swans , A-Lines, etc. 

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