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Keiser University a good or bad choice?


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Hello, I am a combat medic currently serving in Iraq. I am a resident of Palm Bay, Fl, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or insight on the RN program at Keiser. I do many nursing duties in my job as a medic, and am considering becoming a nurse. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or info. Thanks.


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You can become a RN through any accredited university. Some folks never attend a brick and mortar school and have PhDs.

Welcome to allnurses, and happy Veteran's Day -- thank you for your service!

There are a bunch of existing threads here about military medics, corpsman, etc., (I'm not military myself, so I'm not sure of all the titles used) becoming nurses. You may want to use the search function in the upper right corner of the screen to look for them -- lots of good discussion and info already posted.

Best wishes! :balloons:


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I live in Palm Bay too. I think Keiser is a very expensive way to go. I went to BCC for all of my prereqs and got accepted to UCF College of Nursing because I want to get my BSN. You can get a much better deal financially at BCC and it is a great idea to go for your BSN through UCF. (you can transfer from BCC to UCF). The hospital system that I work for is encouraging all of their RN's to go for their BSNs. Many positions require a BSN right now as well. I think you are better off going with a state funded school like BCC and UCF. Private schools like Keiser charge a lot more money and sometimes their credits don't transfer to University level schools. So if you want top further your education that is something to consider. Hope this helps!

hello, i am a combat medic currently serving in iraq. i am a resident of palm bay, fl, and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or insight on the rn program at keiser. i do many nursing duties in my job as a medic, and am considering becoming a nurse. just wondering if anyone has any advice or info. thanks.

the choice is ultimately yours whether good or bad. every school has their problems, believe me you! and everyone is going to have their opinion of the school. the real question is how do you feel about the school, or have you visited the school to get a feel of it? there are many great graduates from keiser university and they are accredited, depending on the campus you attend. i think all of them are except tampa which is only approved. anyway, most private schools are more expensive than public colleges and universities. so, if you feel comfortable with attending their school, go for it and i wish u luck on any school you attend.


If your a veteran is it a correct assumption that the gov't will pay for your nursing school? If so then unlike many cost is not a problem (so big relief there).

Keiser students have been coming to our floor for clinicals for awhile now and I have been impressed with their knowledge base, enthusiasm and the instructors. We have a few grad nurses who just got hired who graduated from Keiser and they seem great.

As far as going to a state school because they transition better to BSN that is something to consider. At my hospital, Florida Hospital you can do the AS to BSN on their dollar if you sign a contract regardless what school you graduated from.

Good luck to you.