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  1. BMLEX010

    Keiser University Pharmacology/RN

    Hey Tretinoin, Which campus are you referring to?
  2. lina.561, You will get an AS once you graduate from nursing school.
  3. Anytime! Do they allow walk-ins? The decision is ultimately yours, but an AA degree isn't an AS degree. An AS degree is an Associate in Science and an AAS is Associate in Applied Science. If you go into nursing, at the community college level, you would get an AS degree.
  4. hello lina.561, the aa degree that i received was an associate in arts degree which will transfer to any florida public university. it is a combination of general education courses and university transfer program courses. so if you plan on pursuing a bachelor or a nursing degree and you know what schools you plan on pursuing it with then you can tailor your general education classes around that particular program, but in your case nursing. you would still need to complete your prerequisites but by the time you complete your prerequisites you would need maybe a few more classes to complete your aa. for the lpn program i don't think you need to do any general education classes because it is a certificate program not a degree program. however, for the nursing degree you would. your best would be, to get a better understanding, to speak with an advisor so they can better assist you with choosing your general education classes and prerequisites or maybe for a better understanding. anymore questions feel free. hope this helps. lex
  5. BMLEX010

    Keiser University a good or bad choice?

    the choice is ultimately yours whether good or bad. every school has their problems, believe me you! and everyone is going to have their opinion of the school. the real question is how do you feel about the school, or have you visited the school to get a feel of it? there are many great graduates from keiser university and they are accredited, depending on the campus you attend. i think all of them are except tampa which is only approved. anyway, most private schools are more expensive than public colleges and universities. so, if you feel comfortable with attending their school, go for it and i wish u luck on any school you attend. best
  6. BMLEX010

    Everest or not? Alternative options! Help PLEASE!!!

    Which campus are you referring to?
  7. BMLEX010

    City College RN Program

    Although an old post I wanted to comment. Most of Keiser's locations are accredited by the NLNAC. The only campus that is not accredited at this time is the Tampa campus and the Miami Lakes campus which is Keiser Career College. However, they are approved by the FLBON. Moreover, FAU, South University, FIU, and Barry University is also accredited. Since they offer a bachelor's degree they are usually accredited through a different accrediting body, usually the CCNE. I don't know why when you called whomever you called they didnt say that:confused:. You said she didn't have any knowledge as to why; Hmmmm............maybe she just didn't have any knowledge at all:uhoh3:.
  8. BMLEX010

    Teas test prep

    It was version 4.0. From what someone told me the versions may be somewhat similar if not the same. So don't rack your brain worrying about the version. From what I see it looks like the book stays the same no matter the version. Good luck!
  9. BMLEX010

    Teas test prep

    @ Alex, 20 questions don't count. Hmmmmm that's interesting something I was unaware of. Ms. Scorpio, the Hesi book is fine in my opinion for the math, reading, and english portions. Those sections are a piece of cake, really. However, get the ATI book because everyone is different. Also, there are two different ATI books out there I really don't know if they both have the same info, but I'm sure it does or similar. Ms. Scorpio, I didn't even attempt to look at the other sections of the McGraw book because I really needed to brush up on the science portion I didn't remember from high school. As far as the geology goes, I really don't remember about that but everything that I needed to know from the science portion I studied in the McGraw book. If others used the ATI book for the science and it helped them, I would love to know how because it wasn't even close in my opinion.
  10. BMLEX010

    Teas test prep

    I have taken the TEAS test. I don't remember what my overall score was but I can log into their system if I remember my password info to see the exact numbers. I studied three weeks for the exam and did VERY well on it. Read this and read it well. The ATI book sucks at the science portion. At least for me it did because alot of the science I did in high school. The McGraw Hill will prepare you. Make certain to pay close attention as there are maybe 1 or 2 questions from the McGraw Hill science portion on the ATI test. I don't see how no one caught that. Moreover, there was not many questions for anatomy and physiology, but they were still there. I don't understand how there were only like 30 questions on the science portion. I know I scored over 90% in both the reading and enlgish which isn't hard at all. The math isn't bad either just know the basics, conversions, ratios, units, etc. I think I got close to an 85% on the math and over an 80 something % on the science. Good luck and wish you the very best.
  11. BMLEX010

    Broward college LPN to RN program

    I know someone that graduates in December from the transiton program. Would she recommend it, No! Also, she says the program is just as long as the generic RN program.
  12. BMLEX010

    No jobs in florida for new grads

    There are places that will hire you as a grad nurse upon graduation without completing the NCLEX. However, the jobs that I know of have terms and conditions along with that. Most of the terms and conditions is that you have to take the NCLEX by a certain time after employment and pass. For example, after being hired as a grad nurse you would have to complete the NCLEX within 90 days of employment and pass or else...........!!!!!!!!! Goodluck and hopefully you find something very soon.
  13. BMLEX010

    how to check if your college is accredited:

    Yeah, thats a new feature they have and their database is updated nightly. As far as Keiser being accredited, with all of the raft going on about the school they are accredited. The nursing school attended has to be approved by the FLBON and accredited by the NLNAC or CCNE in order to land a job by the government.
  14. Hey, There is no such thing as an AA degree in Nursing, or at least I have never heard of it. The AA degree is considered an Associate in Arts degree, not for nursing. However, you can graduate with your AA degee and pursue a nursing degree as well. If you are in the nursing program I don't think you can change your major while you are actively in the program. If you want your AA degee for whatever reason I would suggest graduating with the degree prior to entering nursing school if you haven't entered currently. I received my AA degree prior to as well. Most of the time if you plan on entering a BSN program or RN-BSN you would need the classes anyway. Goodluck! Best, Lex
  15. BMLEX010

    Kaplan Online ADN - South FL

    There is such a program. I know the the academic advisor at the Delray campus, if my mind serves me correct. Moreover, she states that not many people know about the program because it's on only 1 campus and she also stated it's APPROVED but not accredited. From my understanding it's an LPN to RN program not the traditional program for non-LPN students. Hope this helps!
  16. BMLEX010

    Keiser University

    Well, I don't really understand your question but I will try to answer it the best I can. From another Keiser student I was speaking with it was stated that you do an interview, apply, take an entrance test etc. and as long as your pre-req's are done then you will be able to start during the next start date. She also said they have a new start session in May and the regular is August and January. Hope this helps. Lex