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kday and others: First job starts on 8/20...please advise!


Hi everyone! I'm finally going to be starting my dream job in a family birthing center a week from Monday. I can hardly wait but I feel very nervous at the same time. I met with my nurse manager who seems very cool. She told me to expect to feel stressed, even to expect to cry a few times. I know I'm going into a really high stress area and that's okay, however, I want to start out as prepared as possible. Is there anything mentally (or otherwise) that I can do to prepare myself? I asked my NM this same question and she advised that I should review a manual covering principles of childbirth. I don't know exactly what is freaking me out at this point... maybe it's that my dream is finally coming true. Maybe it's because it's my first nursing job and that in and of itself is a stressful thing. I keep telling myself that if I could handle nursing school, I can handle this. Anyone have any words of advice? As specific as possible would be great, but really any sort of guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks so much you guys.


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Are you getting orientation? I'm thrilled for you--it's exciting starting out, but I'm hoping you'll have PLENTY of support (besides this BB, of course).

Shannon, I'm glad to hear you have your dream job! Are you staying in AR? I am at the opposite end of the state in LDRP! I wish we had birthing centers down here, I'd be there in a hearbeat. It feels stressful, but it is exciting too. The more you get comfortable you will "freak out" a little less, but I've been told fear is good. Many experienced nurses have shared that they would be worried about a newbie that wasn't scared! Ask lots of questions. You may be able to use your nursing text from your L/D rotation if your NM has no other suggestions.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it's going! ;)


First, congratulations on getting a job in OB!

Work hard, have fun, make a difference!

Second, get in touch w/ your local AWHONN chapter asap!

The Fetal Monitoring Principles & Practice is an absolute must!

Agree with others, find a good text book specific to L&D and study...

Ask LOTS of questions, including the rationales for the CNM/MD's choice of care modalities.

Enjoy the adrenline rush! You, too, can become a L&D adreneline junkie!



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You Go Girl!!!! I agree with all the other posters. You are going to enjoy your new job,theres nothing better than OB!!!

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