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Kaplan woes....


Does anyone remember my rant from last week when I got butthurt over a few minor problems at the Pearson Vue website?

So I took my Kaplan Predictor #2 last night, and I got a lower score than I wanted...about 58%, the benchmark I think is 65% and when I went to analyze the test (you know, to see if these hours of studying I have been pouring into my weaker sections have paid off) I found that the results wouldn't load. I tried from a different computer, and the same thing happened. I sleep on it, try again this morning and sure enough, I can't load the analysis.

Here's what I did.

I went to the technical support side of Kaplan, searched to see if my problem was listed in the troubleshooting section on their website, found that it wasn't. I had planned on using the results of the test to set a date to take the NCLEX. I think it was Shakespeare who said "the tide is high in the affairs of man," if I know where I am weak, I can more accurately predict how long it will take to reach my peak, and give myself the best odds for passing. This delay is a downright paltry inconvenience and I felt the anger and frustration building inside me, so I sat down and composed....

(You guys see what's coming next, don't you?)

A concise yet polite email asking them to please look into this problem for me, and thanked them for all of the service I had been given up to this point.

In the meantime, I'm off to remidiate the exam. Happy studying students and graduates!

Let's hear it from the guy who learns from his mistakes, eh?



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Good for you!!! (And yes, I recall your post about Pearson). :)


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I called them asking the same ? I was told that the predictor test questions are not available for us to review. I think that's ridiculous, but oh well. However, there are tons of questions available to access for review.

Happy Studying!

Right, BrittyRN.

The Qbanks and Trainer tests are available for reviewing questions, I think their content tests too. But the controlled tests like the Predictors have a different way of remidiating. Instead of looking at the questions with answers, they have us go over the content--it gets repetitive fast, trust me on that--and I think going over questions and answers is probably a better way to study but the way the controlled tests are set up is useful in its own way. Upon remidiating my first predictor exam, I managed to bump my score from low 50% to about 60% when I took the Kaplan Readiness test, and that was without studying elsewhere.

The part that I want though is the analysis, where they itemize each content area (pharmacology, health promotion and maintenance, physiological adaptation, etc) and assign percentage scores. Ideally, a graduate will score no less than 60% in each area before sitting for the exam. Since pharmacology is my weakest area, I study it the most and I am genuinely curious to see if I am getting any benefit from it.

Of course if I ain't, I need to adjust my strategy.