Kaplan tips for second timers


Hello, I was wondering did anyone attend the free session on yesterday with Kaplan, giving test taking tips to tose who have taking the test once before? I was not able to attend so I was just wondering what did they go over and what where the tips. Thank you.


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I attended the event even though this will be my first time taking the exam. They didn't really provide any info that I didn't already know or that my review books hadn't told me. I ended up half-way listening to the lecture because it wasn't that helpful.


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Yeah the event was okay, but I did find out that you dont have to be passing in all areas to pass nclex but of course you do have to be above passing overall; so that was good to know. Plan on trying to pass all areas though.

Ok, that is what I have been trying to figure out. everyone on here was saying you have to be above passing in all areas in order to pass the nclex. and i always thought i just had to be passing overall.


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Thanks alot! I thought I missed some REAL tips...lol. I was excited about it!