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Hi. I just graduated from the 2nd degree BSN program in Dec 2008 here locally. I took the HESI exit exam from my school for the 3rd time, and I passed with an 871. I just finished taking the online course for Kaplan's NCLEX-RN, and I took the readiness test, and got a 70% yesterday. Now, I know from the previous Kaplan course that I took in person that that is in the passing range (yayy..), but now... Well, now I actually took the sample CAT exam from the Exam Cram 2006 edition, and I failed with 20 questions my first time.

Should I be concerned? I know I got the 70% from the readiness test without remembering the questions from the previous time that I took the Kaplan course back in July 2008. I don't know. But then again, I remember failing other tests before, and still passing.

Right now, my main studying mode is taking Kaplan questions, and using Saunders to review and using Hogan Reviews & Rationale questions to answer my problem areas. Maybe I'm making myself nervous all over again inserting this Exam Cram at the last minute? I just wanted to see what a CAT looked like, but then again, the freakin' CD stopped at 20 questions!!! When I took Silvesti Review CAT, it stopped at 75 questions, and I passed!

Am I freaking out, because if I am please slap me...sorry just had to vent! Please someone give me a reality check! *LOL* :D


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BTW, I'm planning to take the NCLEX-RN 27 Jan 2009.


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l got 52% on my diagonstic test . readiness test 62%. according to Kaplan l failed both because l need to score above 65%. l used the Exam cram and passed everytime l used it. l also used saunders. well l passed at 75 questions. l am sure you will pass. l wonder why you are failing exam cram if you are scoring such high grades on other exams.

take care and good luck


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You know, it's funny. I just did another Exam Cram test. I failed it again, but I scored 72%. I also did Hogan's Prentice Hall Reviews/Rationales CD based on the April 2007 NCLEX plan, and I also scored 72-76% on average. When I was doing that I actually passed HESI, which they say is a good predictor of NCLEX success.

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I actually saw a Kaplan instructor today at a job fair. She told me that it wouldn't be a good idea to insert any new books, and to just focus on what I'm doing now (e.g., Kaplan ques, Saunders, Hogan and Lipp bks).

You think by this age I would know how to relax! *LOL* Thanks again!


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Yes, just stick with your current plan and don't get too upset over diagnostic tests. By your scores, sounds like you are about ready. Good luck.


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Thanks again. I'm actually going to try to do Q Trainer 7 hopefully for the next 2-3 days, then just looking over questions before the NCLEX. I'm not planning to do any serious studying before the exam on Tuesday!

Wish me luck!

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