Kaplan scores on practice exams???What do they mean?

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Hi all

I am just wondering......I have been studying using kaplan book, I have been taking practice tests and scoring between 58 and 64 maybe 65 once or twice.

My question?? would this be a pass on the real NCLEX???

Also are the questions in the kaplan book harder than whats on the actual nclex or are they pretty much the same caliber???

Thanks guys in advance for your time and help


Welp, from what I have read on here so far, the general advice is not to rely too heavily on the prediction scores. Kaplan does suggest to try for the 60's on your Qbank practices, QT6 & 7, and I think to aim for 65 in QT 1-5. I am also doing Kaplan and I test on Thursday 26th (:barf01:), I just finished QT 7 (I got a 66 on QT 5, 6, & 7... my overall average for the QBank 63, and recently I have been scoring in the 70's with the Qbank with only 150 Q's to go); I like my scores because they show consistency, which I think should be the goal... I think consistency shows you are able to do well with a wide variety of content and types of questions.

overall advice: I would aim for 60's and above keeping in mind that Kaplan is supposedly harder than the actual NCLEX (will find out if that is true soon enough ). Hope I was able to help, and good luck!! (some for me too!)

I've always been told that above a 60 on Kaplan tests indicate passing level, especially since all of the QB and TT are considered by Kaplan to be "passing level questions" (critical thinking, analytical questions).

That being said, don't focus so much on the score you're receiving, it's more important to focus on whether or not you understand why you got a particular question wrong. I cannot stress enough how important it is to read the rationale for EVERY question (not just the ones you get incorrect).

Make sure you're using the method Kaplan teaches for answering your questions too. If you're getting questions wrong because of content, make sure you review it and understand it.

Remember, NCLEX tests your ability to practice safely as an entry level RN. Before submitting your answers, ask yourself if it makes sense! (Common sense will take you far in life). ;)

Good luck to both of you!

thx for the inpu and good luck on your test...if u can let me know what you think about kaplan quests being harder than on the actual nclex??

I found that Kaplan overly prepared me for the questions that appeared on the NCLEX. My piece of advice would also be to not focus on your scores but take the time to review all questions - right and wrong. I also did at least 50 questions a day until the day before my test and found the routine to be very helpful - consistency is key.

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