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Kaplan scores.....nclex outcome??? help?

I graduated from Kaplan last month, and they make you take 'nclex style' tests through out the program, I take boards tomorrow @ 0800!!!

I've taken 369 qbank questions, averaging 60%

Readiness test: 56%

Diagnostic: 59%

T1: 47%

T2: 48%

T3: 55%

T4: 55%

T5: 51%

NCLEX sample Test 1: 54%

NCLEX sample Test 2: 46%

NCLEX sample Test 3: 77%

I work full time, so I haven't had a lot of time for trainer 6 and 7, but it's too late anyway. Based on my numbers, what do you think are my chances for passing NCLEX tomorrow?!!


Pray and be confident u will pass )) good luck!!!

Don't stress it!! That Kaplan is designed to be MUCH more challenging than the actual NCLEX. I did the Kaplan review, it was integrated into my RN program. The Qbank were most helpful to me. The NCLEX questions are very similar to the Qbanks. I even had one question that was almost identical. My test shut off at 75 and I passed my boards (just found out today!! took them Monday) and I thought Kaplan really helped me. I had 21 SATA but they were a lot more simple than the ones on the Kaplan site. I also had some EKG strips to interpret and treat and lots of medication and math. Kaplan really helped me! GOOD LUCK!:o

how'd it go? :-)


So I took the test this morning.....with 5 of my classmates......and i sat down and started the tutorial and my computer froze up!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took about 10 mins and they fixed it! So I get past 75 and I'm like "oh now, please don't let me take the who 265" but I was preparred just in case. It all the sudden shut off! I don't even know what number I was on, like maybe 117?? I had a TON of SATA and priority questions..........

I did the PV thing and this is what I got "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time" I hope that's a good sign!!!!

I guess I'll find out for sure on Monday or Tuesday! *crosses fingers!*

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Congratulations!!! I took the test Monday and got the same popup- it works! It means you passed!! wooohoo! :yelclap:


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