Kaplan Review Book.....Nclex in 7days.

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I am retaking my NLCEX-RN in one week (NOV 5) and I can't for the life of me finish my Kaplan review Book. I feel like I can't retain anything right now, cause my anxiety is through the roof. I don't think I will ever really feel ready for this test, so I am just going for it. IS this a BAD idea???.....Should I really finish the Whole review book???

BTW my Qbank average is 62%, Qtrainer 58-62%, SO I feel pretty comfortable with my test strategy. My only weakness is Pharm, Risk Potential and Physiological Adaptation.

Should I scheduled??...Give or take another week to study. I am not retaining anything!! Please HELP

Read as much of the advice as you can from any post that speaks to your need. I have found the advice on this site very helpful. My daughter said the same thing about not knowing things or retaining things and she did just fine. She studied for over a month before taking the exam. She did just fine. Best to you.

thank you so much...i having been studying for over three months since Aug 21, 2010. I am just tired of reading. And I found out that I read something new everyday, making me feel like I know NOTHING!!!....ssshhhhheeeeesshhhh my head hurts.

everyone I know who has taken the test says the same things about how difficult and stressful it is and how stupid they feel- follow the advice you find here on the allnurses site- there are a ton of threads and ideas here, and keep your head held high- I will send up a prayer for you, good luck

If you have been studying for three months and this is you second time, you ought to be able to take the test, unless you know that your studying was not up to par. Good luck.

Good luck,that test is not an easy one,so go for it and God will help.

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