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A friend of mine gave me a Kaplan Question Trainer CD to use. I have taken test 1 and test 2 so far. I got a 65% on test 1 and a 61% on test 2. Are these good scores? What kind of scores do I need to be getting on these tests to have a good chance of being ready to pass the NCLEX- RN?? I test at the end of the month!!:eek::confused: I am so nervous. I have also been reading the Hurst Review book. I have the Saunders 3rd edition nclex book but have not used it much. Any other ideas or study tips? Also if anyone can tell me more about the Kaplan Question Trainer scores that would be great! I need to know if I am on the right track or not.


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Scores don't really matter -- it's about whether you feel you are ready. You could guess the correct answer and not really know the information. They say around 65% on this test, but again there are times I can pick out the right answer without really knowing it and that's not good.


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Are you learning the material? That is the criteria behind passing or not passing the NCLEX.