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Hello Everyone!

I failed my NCLEX-RN the first time at 122 questions. I re take it Tuesday Sept 2. I am soooo nervous, all I have done is kaplan on demand, and the kaplan 2014-2015 book, I have read it front to back twice. Lots of questions. Doing my reviews on the demand. Just wandering for the people who have used Kaplan, what did u get on your trainers. I have gotten on my diagnostic and readiness test 58%. on the trainers ranging from 53-60% and all above 60% on the qbank, is this good, or bad?


Ok I read the Kaplan ebook 1x and did about 600 of the qbank questions my results were very similar to yours. I ranged in the 50-60% I was super nervous and my scores made me kinda insecure I was going to reschedule my Nclex but it was past the 24 hour mark. So I went and took it. Some of the questions on the Nclex actually didn't seem that hard. I'm not saying he Nclex was easy but I felt like Kaplan prepared me. I took the Nclex august 22nd and I found out I passed! On august 24th.

Thank you so much! Gives me a little more hope!! I work nights and take my questions at like 3-4 in morning when I work and I feel like I'm not answerin to my full potential because I'm tired! Congrats on passing!!! Please say a little prayer for me :)

i was only getting 48-52 on my question trainers before i started reviewing content. after reviewing i got 65, 67, and 61 on the last three qtrainers. i finished all of qbank with 60%, i got mid 50s-low 60s on the tests for the most part. i also passed nclex

kaplan recommends you get 60s on everything, which you seem to be at or around.

i'd also look at your scores and see if you've been consistent or getting better. i still didn't feel ready for the exam the day before but i decided to go through with it seeing how i went from 52 on my readiness to where kaplan recommends for the last qtrainers

good luck!!