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has anyone taken the kaplan online? did they find it effective? would they recommend the online course?


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My school enrolled us in the classroom version of Kaplan. Honestly, the classroom portion was a waste of time. All they do is go over questions outloud on a powerpoint, and you talk with the instructor about why this is right/wrong etc. Nothing you cant do at your own home. Also, the instructor teaches you how to use their "decision tree." Again, not THAT useful, although it does help with some questions. My advice would be if you were going to do anything kaplan related, get their Q bank and question trainers. The questions are extremely challenging but very similar in wording/presentation to actual nclex questions. Best of luck.


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^^ Agreed. Take the Qbank and QT Kaplan class, very challenging. They only have the high level questions, people say Kaplan is harder than the NCLEX. I haven't tested yet, but I can let you kno :)


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I did Kaplan Online and it was beneficial in that even though all we did was questions, it helped me think through the question and I was able to hear a detailed explanation of how to get the right answer not just why it is the right answer. Sometimes you don't know WHY an answer is right, but using the decision tree and other Kaplan strategies you will figure out HOW to get the right answer. Kaplan is good for practicing how to answer NCLEX questions, BUT you need to supplement the class teachings with content that you need to obtain on your own.