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Hi all!! I am currently enrolled in the kaplan course and wanted to get some feedback! I like the decision tree and have been trying to use it to answer questions during my practice. What i want to know is how do you all rate the course? Do you feel that it helped you pass successfully? Did the questions seem similar to what you saw on the nclex? What were your scores on the q trainers? I am just so on edge because I want this behind me so badly. any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I felt Kaplan prepared me very well for NCLEX. Even the computer interface looks the same. I actually felt Kaplan was "harder" than NCLEX. If you put in the time to do ALL the content review (it's very lengthy) and do all the trainers & QBank questions, you should be well prepared. I completed NCLEX in 77 questions.

Good luck!


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I definitely feel that it helped. Our class was taught the decision tree, and even though I found myself jumping off the decision tree, falling out of it, and arguing against it, I stuck to it and I'm glad. I had some really hard questions on the NCLEX that were prioritization drag-and-drop in the correct order. I was freaking out because my mind flooded trying to rationalize every possible order, but I wasn't getting anywhere so I jumped back in the tree. I put them in order just as Kaplan taught, even though I was still so unsure of them actually being correct.

You should do all practice questions available, and repeat the areas/q-trainers you scored lowest in. On the readiness exam I scored like 2% above Kaplan's recommended percentage, which made me sooo uneasy, but most of my Kaplan classmates scored that or even lower than the recommended.

I passed on the first try with 86 questions, and all of my classmates have passed on the first try.

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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Definitely helped. I used Kaplan and passed in 75Q. I felt very prepared for the NCLEX.