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Kaplan content lectures...

So I will be taking my second shot at NCLEX RN in just 14 days!! I tested late June with 265 Q, My performance report shows that I was "near passing standard" on all categories with the exception of Safety and INfection control, in which I was "above passing standard"...I only concentrated on KAPLAN on demand Q bank and Q trainers the first time I tested. So for the second attempt I have decided to stick with KAPLAN, but also watch all the content lectures and also add Lacharity!!! Any other suggestions? I have to pass this time around....any advice? Any advice at all?? Anxiety is already setting in :(

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"Anxiety is already setting in :( "

Please find some way to work on this..... I think this is a major roadblock for taking the NCLEX for the first time, second time, third time..... Every time! We will be rooting for you.

I think you have a good plan. Make sure you take advantage of all the resources you have. Watch the content lectures as well as the q-bank, q-trainers etc.

I am doing Kaplan now and found a discrepancy with something in the book vs. the video so I emailed the Kaplan expert who said that the Content Review Guide (book or download) is the correct source and that there may be misspeaks in the videos.

Below is the email reply:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it has been forwarded to the Curriculum Team for review.

Your book is correct - Nitrofurantoin is taken with milk to avoid the GI irritation it can cause. It also prolongs the effects in the urine for maximum effectiveness.

The videos are recorded live and sometimes misspeaks do occur. Always refer to the information in your book when reviewing materials. It is updated each year and reflects the most current information available at the time of printing.


Kaplan's Nursing Team

Hi Jlynn167

I am going through the same situation. I failed the first time on July, and I got "near passing" on all categories. I used Kaplan the fisrt time I prepared for test and I have also decided to stick with it. My scores have improved tremendously on the trainers and qbank. I just hope I am doing the right thing and that I pass this time. Did you receive any counseling from the Kaplan people, or why did you decide to continue using Kaplan?

No, I didnt get any counseling....is that available ?? I decided to stick with it because I did notice that the questions on the actual NCLEX were very very similar to Kaplan questions! With that being said...I"m not exactly sure where I went wrong, maybe anxiety, maybe I really wasnt really and was trying to rush...who knows!!!

What about you? Why did you decide to stay with Kaplan and did you get counseling from them?

After failing my exam I called Kaplan and told them what happened to me. They extended the course for me because of their guarantee policy. They were very nice and they refered me to their specialists. I enrolled in a class online that they offer for free also.

They recommend to stick with the program so that is why I decided to stay with Kaplan. Also all my friends passed the exam with the same program.


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