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Anyone here taken any classes with EduKan? I want to enroll in a microbiology course. Thanks in advance.... Read More

  1. by   ybstressed
    I want to make sure I'm reading the post right. I have signed up for online chem. I will have to buy a software to complete the labs and I will have one in classroom lab to complete. I will also have to find proctor for the last exam...right?
  2. by   tparks
    I haven't taken chem through them but that it how it worked for micro. I have a friend that took chem through edukan and they said that they just had software to buy and of course the proctored final but they didn't say anything about an onsite lab.
  3. by   amb_lyn
    Yes, that is correct.
  4. by   StatuesqueRN
    Hi everyone!

    Wondering if there was an update with those who recently took Chemistry online through EduKan? I wanted to take it during the summer but found out about too late. Im planning to take it this Fall. Any inputs? How were the classes? Is it doable with a newborn and a job? Any help would be awesome. Thank you in advance!
  5. by   StatuesqueRN
    Quote from debrasueb1
    Hi All,,,,I am doing research on taking online classes. I live in Southern California now. I received my ADN from Butler County Community College in Kansas....25 yrs I am now looking at trying to get my BSN and Master's. Unfortunately, at the time, I was not required to take College Algerbra or Chemistry which I am going to need to proceed with my degrees. I see these classes are available online but require a proctored final exam. I was thinking about taking Algerbra first, then follow up with Chem the following semester. Does anyone know how these classes are to take online and how the instructors are???? I think I can take my final proctored exam through Sylvan Learning Centers out here in California. I have time to still check this out before paying for these classes, but don't want to take them if the online instructors are unreasonable. I am not afraid of the hard work it will take to get through the classes. I had a smal infant and toddler when going through nursing school and made decent grades. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!!! The cost factor is a great motivator .... Debs

    Hi debrasueb1!

    Was curious to see if you ended taking Chemistry? Id love some input! Thank you!
  6. by   mhawkins38
    I took all my classes through Edukan and then did the online LPN to RN program online through Pratt Community College. After graduating with my associate's degree I went on to enroll at Troy University's online classes to finish pre-reqs for BSN. Now I am in the RN to BSN online program through Boise State University. Everything I took through Edukan has transferred without difficulties. I loved the instructors that I have had thus far at all of the schools. The ones at Edukan were very helpful. My suggestion to anyone taking online courses is to dialogue with the instructors! They all provide their email addresses and PHONE numbers with their "office" hours. Most even give the online students their home numbers and were very nice the few times I had a problem and had to call them at night. I am looking at Boise's Masters program as well. I will have my Bachelor's degree completed by August 2011. Just in time to enroll for the last stop on my journey!
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  7. by   amb_lyn
    I took Chem thru Edukan. I can tell you, for me personally, It was extremely difficult. I had a really hard time with this course. It was probably just me, but I really struggled. There was luckily enough of homework to help keep my grade above the needed passing score.

    Good luck! Oh, the instructor was great! She answered all of my questions, etc. I also found the online tutor helpful. They were great to work with and help me to understand a little better.
  8. by   Kaychell
    I haven't taken Chem, but I did take general bio and AP1 this summer through EduKan and it wasn't too bad. It was very very very involved however. Much more so than any other online classes I've had.
  9. by   gjginak
    I took Microbiology and A&P II through Edukan. It was laid out really well. The lab was really good.
  10. by   as3866
    Hello everyone !! I am new to this website...And I have been searching trying to find info on Istudysmart study guides.....PLEASE give me some feed back b/f I purchase their materials! I plan to start working on my ADN through EC soon......
  11. by   BluegrassRN
    I think you are on the wrong thread. For your question, I suggest you check the student section. Does EC mean Excelsior College? This thread is about EduKan, a consortium of community colleges in Kansas where you can get many of your prereqs completed online.
  12. by   CNM2B201?
    I just enrolled in microbiology thru Edukan. On the syllabus it doesnt say anything about an on campus lab.... is this something they tell you about later or is it only required by certain instructors?? one instructor better than the other..or do they all teach the same way for the micro class?

  13. by   LVN2BSN2012
    Quote from nurseFL305
    Debs, Try The price is right at $125.00 a credit hour and they have both of the classes you are looking for. I took Micro, super easy...I got an "A". check it out.
    Hello who did you take . I just signed up for it for spring 2011