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Just wondering


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I'm thinking about going back into private duty. I worked with a client for two and a half years. Teenager with multiple problems. Family was a nightmare. The mom was very micromanaging and how she would want you to do something changed week to week. I made the mistake of getting to close and she totally took advantage. Having me come in at 3pm until 1am. Coming back at 6am to get him on the bus. Then back again at 3pm. She was constantly trying to play me and the other nurse against each other and suspicious that me and her boyfriend that was half her age had something going on. Totally ridiculous.

Anyway had to turn in an immediate resignation because she decided I was "hovering over" my nurses notes one night. Told the office that I never got the clients blood pressure. She had pictures of this blood pressure cuff on her cell and if I didn't get fired she would sue.

I called the agency a year and a half later. I'm not on the no rehire list. But I don't know if I should waste my time reapplying there. I have put conflict of personality as my reason for leaving on previous applications and am wondering how bad that looks. It's interesting to the facilities because I don't believe they understand it until I explain. But Private duty will know what it means when they first see it.

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I am the DON of a Home Health Care agency that does private duty nursing. I hire the PDNs and I would say that if I got an application that said "Personality Conflict" as a reason for leaving, I would definitely be hesitant. I'm not sure what I WOULD suggest you put as a reason for leaving in that case, maybe something about ended care with private duty client. Leave it like that. Any time I see something about a personality problem it puts up a red flag. Good luck to you.


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Thanks. I wasn't sure how to word it. I'm thinking I need a change from LTC before I get burned out. I love the LTC population but the workload stresses me out so much.

When I'm not putting in for private duty I find it makes some curious and I got interviewed once because she wanted to know what it meant.

I don't understand why you didn't simply ask for another case. It is done every day. There is no reason to resign from an agency just to change clients.


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Since she said she was going to sue the company with her cell phone pictures it was either get fired or resign.

I had been written up once in the two years I was there for not keeping the house clean enough. Another time I was talked to because the house was so clean mom was worried I didn't pay enough attention to her child.

I see now. I wouldn't go back to that agency if they were the last employer on earth. No reason to think they will back you up now, if they didn't then.


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Did you go to a different job after that? No reason at all to dredge up old problems. Never volunteer more info than you have to, especially if it's negative. Just say that you left to go to a new job. Never vent about an old client or employer to a new employer. They'll just see you as a whiner, no matter how valid your complaint may be.


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Oh no I didn't go into detail when I had to explain why I left. I pretty much said we mutually parted ways. I wasn't what they were looking for and I wanted to use more of my skills than I was. So I told LTC.