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Just Venting


Selected 3 times in 6 days! I can only hope they let me get another pay day before hitting me again.

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Same here. Not the first time either. Over last 20 months I have had 2 months where I tested twice. The rest have been 3 times a month. Still less than my $30 a day habit for over 10 years! Wonder how many twice a month for testing they plan. I'm sure its all laid out! The good news is i only have 3 years 4 months left and I'm feeling so much better. No secrets are the bomb diggity, and no constant fear about getting busted is I would say Bow chicka wow wow! Just waiting to hear from BON who is in no hurry. Guess I rambled. Lol. Good luck tx. Tropical storm bill moved right past us. Hope you were unscathed also.

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I don't mind 2-3 times a month heck I have even been test 4 times 1 month ,its just I budget to keep 200 on the card I use every payday I check and deposit what's needed and now I will be worrying for a few days till payday how to pay for it. But I need to just ride this bump out I finish in 2 weeks.


It sure can get pricey!!!!!!i tested positive for etg in May and haven't been tested since. Weird!!!!

It gets better- I have had months where I was tested 4-6 times, then nothing for 2 months.... then twice in a week- now nothing for a week.

I have just over a year left in the program- the thought of being free lifts my spirits. I am thankful for the freedom I have from my addiction which was reinforced by "the program"... enough is enough though