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Just Took NLEX, Results On HOLD

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this site but not the first time i have been on here. First off, let me start by just saying that this site as helped me so much by just reading others comments, posts, etc, so i thank all of you for that.

Now i know what all of you are thinking now...."Ooo great another NCLEX did i pass or not..good pop up or not...omg i cant even deal with life right now" post. Well, this is half that and half another reason. I have been searching this site for about 3 hours now trying to find some recent statistics about the "results on hold" pop up from the Pearson Vue trick. I took my nclex earlier this morning, had about 85-90 questions, 10-15 SATA, and it wasn't "as hard" as i made it out to be. Take that as you will and it may be that i was getting easier questions because i may have not passed, however, my question to all of you is that first, who has received this pop up and has passed, and who hasn't.

Now, I do not mean to be rude by any means, but i have already researched all of the reasons why i "potentially" could have received this pop up and i also know that it does not mean that i passed, or that I have failed.

The purpose of this post, is to help myself, but more importantly other members that are experiencing the same situation with the infamous "pop-up" dilemma, so that maybe we can shed some light on the subject and hear some members who have gone through this before, their experience, and the outcome in which they received.

Thank you for your time once again and this site is ridiculously awesome!

I took mine Wednesday (yesterday). Got the hold pop up until this evening I checked again and got the good pop up :-) I will updated this when I find out if I officially passed or not

I officially passed!!! I could not do the pearson vue trick all weekend. Probably because it was the holidays, but i woke up this morning because a friend called me telling me to look on the state boards website, and there it was!!! So a huge relief!