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  1. danielle.schamer

    GR Health in Augusta

    Did you accept a position? I'm still looking at hospitals but have a potential job (still have an interview but seems hopeful) at university.
  2. danielle.schamer

    Augusta Ga Nursing Job (and surrounding areas)?

    Hey there - So I have an interview for University Hospital. Are you able to ask your husband a few questions for me? I just want to know nurse to staff ratio's, if he ever gets mandatory overtime, and if the pay is competitive. She already told me what it is hourly which is much lower than where I'm at, so just want to make sure I'm considering all my options! Thanks! Dani
  3. danielle.schamer

    Augusta Ga Nursing Job (and surrounding areas)?

    oops - double post!
  4. danielle.schamer

    How's eastern Georgia? Opinions?

    Thanks for the info that's super helpful!!! Md I didn't know I could use my current licensure in the state I'm in at government hospitals on base. That's awesome. Thanks!
  5. danielle.schamer

    How's eastern Georgia? Opinions?

    Wow is right...no ER for me though
  6. danielle.schamer

    How's eastern Georgia? Opinions?

    Im hoping for a per diem position, what hospitals do you recommend the most with highest staff satisfaction? I'm also very confused about how to register as a nurse in Ga the website is only showing options for new nurses and restoring an inactive license? Any information is helpful as this will be my first time getting a job as a nurse outside of the job I have now which was a residency start as a new RN. I'm a little overwhelmed with everything. Really enjoy my hours and job right now so scared about starting over.
  7. danielle.schamer

    Augusta Ga Nursing Job (and surrounding areas)?

    Are they both satisfied with nurse to patient ratio, pay, the hours etc? I'm looking for a per diem position hopefully. That's what I'm doing now and I really enjoy it. I know I will be taking a bit of a pay cut, I'm at $38 and hour without differential. What's the average hourly rate there, do you know? Any information is so helpful!! Thank you!!!
  8. danielle.schamer

    Augusta Ga Nursing Job (and surrounding areas)?

    I need help, I'll be moving to west Augusta (grovetown, Evans) in April. What hospitals are the best in the area? Also, any clinics anyone can recommend? My boyfriend will be work on at the base, I'd be interested in working on base but would have no idea how to start the process of applying as a civilian. Any advice on the area in general is greatly appreciated as we've never been to GA before ame now we're buying a house and moving there! Thanks!
  9. danielle.schamer

    How's eastern Georgia? Opinions?

    I will be moving to the Evans or Grovetown area in April and I'm a little underwhelmed about hospital opportunities or where to apply. I'm possibly interested in a clinic, too. I have 1.5 years med-surg experience. Any help?
  10. Some were questionable that I got wrong but many I felt confident as mostly was about infection control stuff and what would you do. Not symptoms of some disease I can't remember. I felt nclex was easier in that sense so pared to kaplan. I think because kaplan is more detailed than nclex. Nclex just wants to make sure you aren't going to kill someone :)
  11. danielle.schamer

    Just Took NLEX, Results On HOLD

    I took mine Wednesday (yesterday). Got the hold pop up until this evening I checked again and got the good pop up :-) I will updated this when I find out if I officially passed or not
  12. Um yeah! I know that it depends on each person but I didn't really study at all for nclex other than reviewing lab values the day before and attempting trainers 1-4 and not able to go on....I got 50's and some 60's on my Kaplan and I just finished my nclex wednesdat. Got 120 questions with 50 SATA...got the good pop up and im.very confident I passed :)
  13. danielle.schamer

    One year in, need advice!

    I would look into signing up for a travel nurse position! Pay Is grest and most of the time they pay for your housing and expenses too...also you get to experience a bunch of different areas. And if you find one you like you can stay there :)
  14. danielle.schamer

    trying to get my first RN position at the VA and i need help!

    Try a north Dakota VA hospital :-) gradation nursing school there and jobs are open everywhere! They're practically begging to hire people!
  15. danielle.schamer

    Passed the board exam 7yrs ago, but no experience

    Have you renewed your license over time? Is it still ctive? I think that's hard because it's already difficult to get a job as a new grad but you are even less experienced than that. If I were you I would try residencies or nursing homes first.
  16. danielle.schamer

    Random question... Anyone get a lot of conference questions ?????

    I remember getting a handful. I got a total of 120 questions with 50 select all that apply. They are considered management of care and I think maybe they would go in the topic of delegation? I don't know if they are considered higher level though. Got the good pop up so I'm pretty confident I passed :-)