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Just took NCLEX...

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So I'm the first in my class to take it & feel.. weird. For reference I passed my ATI predictor with 73.7% (98% chance of passing, Hurst Q-review: 77 (which is the recommended median score), and Loretta Manning tests with a 65.5% & a 73% (60% is recommended). So basically I went in thinking I would probably do at least "okay".

I had probably 40% SATA, 2 calculations, several meds (some I'd never heard of & wasn't a common suffix), and every "alternate format". Drag & drop, pictures, strips, hot spots, etc. I felt like my questions were prettt damn hard, but overall I still felt like I knew the majority.

So.... mine turned off at 90. When I hit 76 I thought I might pass out or cry, lol. Def had a PVC or two! But I did the PVT trick & got the "good pop-up". I'm stoked about that and hope it's accurate but I feel embarrassed that I got 90. Lol. So far my friends have been like.. "oh I thought you'd only get 75!" Or, "oh that's not awful."

I know it doesn't matter, I'm mostly just fussing bc I just took it & feel blah & need to talk about it bc none of my classmates have taken it yet & I won't technically know if I passed til Friday's early results. Somebody just tell me to shush & be glad it's over, lol ������

Congrats on having it over with! I wouldn't be embarassed to have it cut off at 90. I will be the 1st in my class to take it as well.

DigTox, ASN

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Stop stop stop stop! CONGRATULATIONS 90 is great. I'm sure with all the practicing you did you passed. Don't be ashamed of how many questions you had

Thank you! I think it's just because so many people post about passing with "just 75" and like it's inferior if it's any other number, so I fixated on 75. When do you take it? I'm sure you'll do awesome!!

DigTox, ASN

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Thank you! I think it's just because so many people post about passing with "just 75" and like it's inferior if it's any other number, so I fixated on 75. When do you take it? I'm sure you'll do awesome!!

I took mine yesterday. Found out I passed another an hour ago ! Let me know when you get your results !


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People pass and fail at all numbers. It is just a number, 75 is just the minimum, people fail at 75, 79, 80, etc. People pass at 90, 100, 265, etc. Going beyond 75 does not mean you are less than someone who passes at 75 or 265. Just wait for the official results.

Breathe easy now,

Deep breaths honey, I took 230 questions and passed haha. Cried before, during, and afterwards; convinced I had failed. I ended up passing but it was traumatic.

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Do not worry about the computer stopping at 90. Those of us whose exams stopped at 75 only know that we were either clearly above or below passing standard at 75. As soon as you start question 76, think of it like this: you haven't failed. You are very close to the passing standard line, so don't despair, don't doubt yourself, just keep answering the questions as you have been and eventually the computer will determine when to shut the exam off. The NCLEX isn't like any standardized testing we do in school because there's no grade. It's pass or fail.

OP: in your case, the computer probably identified some area that you likely weren't hugely strong at so it had to ask a few more questions to better determine if your "ability" is above passing standard. It only took 90 total questions to do that. All my classmates passed, and the majority of those I heard back from passed within a range of 110-180 questions. A couple only needed 75, a couple took basically the entire length (questions or time) of the exam. We all passed and all of us found jobs. Of the group that I talk with, all are excellent nurses and if you thought the number of questions they got on the exam reflected ability, you'd be wrong. There are aspects of working with patients that cannot be taught nor tested for.


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