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Just Took my Nclex


was the nclex hard

  1. 1. was the nclex hard

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ugh i want to scream, im about to go crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just took my nclex, the computer shut down on me at 85 questions idk what to think or say.Waiting two days for my result is going to be the death of me.

sweety_les07, BSN, RN

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did you try the pvt yet??! :specs:

Hallo my family, I just took the NCLEX todoay, the computer shut me down at 75 q? I just did the pvt and says 'our record shows you have taken this exam before, can't register. Is this good news or bad? Pls somebody help me out coz am going mental.


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Congrats to all.:)

I took Nclex-pn yesterday and the PVT states a test has already been schedule candidate can't register for new test.... What does that mean

purplechicxiii, BSN, RN

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That's a good pop-up. Congratulations! :D

When you are directed to the Credit Card page, that means you failed. (Sorry)

IMPORTANT: There should be a note that says "Delivered successful" before you try this.

Good luck! Hoping to get a good pop-up after I take it on March 9.;)

You guys are lucky- In virginia we can't do the PVT trick ..maybe I should move back to Pa *just * so I can get faster results ( Kidding) =) I take my NCLEX on the 27th - EEK =)


ugh its only 2:33pm i feel as though im going crazy. i just did the pvt and it said that i cant register for the exam because i just took the exam. GOOD OR BAD?g

i just did the pvt also and i got the same response. im screaming in my head

purplechicxiii, BSN, RN

Specializes in Derm, Plas, OB-GYNE & Internal Medicine. Has 8 years experience.

That's it! A good pop-up! Congratulations! :yelclap:

okay lets wait and see friday is the big day after then let the celebrating beginning

Chocolatemama -

I always like to ask folks what did you do/use to study for the NCLEX? Can you please share with us your study techniques?

And we are PRE-CELEBRATING with you.....so Congratulations on your unofficial results!! :cheers:

If pvt says 'our record indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam, pls contact your member board for further assistance, another registration cannot be made at this time'. Does this mean I have made it? Friday is so far for me co wait

I used Kaplan book/cd and sanders rv....a friend also sent me anew qs from hurst....but when I got there, it was all Kaplan, so many SATA and priority, but all as I remember seeing in the Kaplan book.