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Just took NCLEX-RN

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Well, just took the NCLEX-RN this morning. I feel pretty confident about it. It wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I tried the "Pearsonview Trick" and was blocked from accessing the credit card page by the following message:

"The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time."

Is it too soon after the exam to assume this is a PASS?

Hi Lilac,

Congrats on taking the test. Could you please share some insight as to what content area you had on your exam although i am aware that it varies from test to test. Also how did you prepare for the exam, did you use kaplan and what would you have done differently to study for this exam in hindsight. Looking forward to the good news soon :). Enjoy your first day of no studying.


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Good Luck! I just took it as well so hopefully we will be happy tomorrow:up:

Thanks so much! I am very excited to be done studying! (hopefully).

I started studying for NCLEX on June 13th...so I studied a total of about 11 days. That was all I did during that time. No work, nothing but studying. I started by reading chapters out of the "Illustrated Review for the NCLEX-RN" and then doing the corresponding questions on NCLEX 3500 online. I was only able to make it through about 1/4 of the book until I got very tired of it and ended up just doing questions. I did have to pass the HESI to graduate, however, and I spent about a month studying for that in March so I already had a pretty good understanding of the content.

I bought a Kaplan book and did the questions in that. However, I will say that the most helpful questions that I did were from a book I bought entitled "Exam-Cram for the NCLEX-RN." It was a great book to study from because it simply gave the basics for everything you need to know for NCLEX. However, it is not a necessarily good content review. I would use it IN ADDITION to the Illustrated Review book. The questions on the EXAM-CRAM CD are excellent. Very difficult, and LOTS of priority questions that really helped me.

Due to the privacy thing with NCLEX, I can't discuss what it was necessarily like...Honestly, I feel like if you know your content, and can prioritize, you will be in good shape. I was having serious anxiety issues the night before. I had the stomach flu for two days and went into take the NCLEX with 2 hours of sleep and no food for 2 days. I cried the whole way to the testing center, certain I would fail. But it is definitely doable. If you have any questions about the books, feel free to message me!

I got the same message you got! I dont know anyone else that received that message. Did you end up passing? I took mine today, and its killing me!!!

Yes, I passed! Believe me, if you get the message you passed. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!:yeah:

people said that if i get that message its because my "status" is still "ready to deliver" (which is exactly what it says) but they said that once it says "delivery successful" THEN i can check again and see if it works

if you passed with my message, i am praying its the same for me.

Im so glad you got back to me! thank you

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