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  1. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Free Mega Code Simulator online????

    uuggghhhh 3 yrs ago i started looking for simulations similar to what my school probably paid 1000s of dollars for, and still, to this day, as an RN, I continue my search. There is no better way for me to learn/understand than'by physically DOING the act, and the very next best for me are pictures (i recommend the Memory Notebook of Nursing) I'm disappointed that no one responded to your post, its a shame there arent more resources available to the public that allow for interactive learning. Besides the Memory Notebook of Nursing, I do suggest (*eh-hem*) joining Second Life online. I discovered it 2 yrs ago when I googled "free ER simulation" Its the best I've found for free, and I've met other nurses around the world that are more than willing to lend a helping hand! Just dont become an SL addict :throcomp:
  2. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Grey's Anatomy Scrubs really that great

    I LOVE them! But I am extremely bothered by their price. I just discovered them last month and now own 2 pairs. I dont know why other companies cant make scrubs with the same material! Its such a pain in the butt that a majority of scrubs are hard and short legged! I'm addicted to the grays anatomy scrubs now and I wish they were cheaper. I cant afford to keep buying them, considering I just started my first job last month!
  3. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Reading Hospital As a New Graduate

    Yes, I have an interview later this week. I just went all over google looking for information about the program. My problem is that I live so far away and I would have to move out there if I get the job because the Orientation is 7-3 everyday and I can not commute 5 days a week. Any idea how much new grads base salary is? I need to know if it would be worth renting a place out there and if i would be making enough for living expenses and still be able to save money for the future. I'd really appreciate any information anyone has :) Thanks so much!
  4. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Nurse Residency Programs

    I graduated in May 09, passed my boards july 09 and STILL dont have a job. I live in chester county PA (30 min outside philly) and have been struggling to even get calls back after sending in hundreds of applications to hospitals and nursing homes. Its unbelievable. I have had only 2 interviews since May. If i had the option of being picky...I'd, without a doubt, pick a residency!! Like someone said before, it will give you the best chance of success and assure you become the best nurse you can. Hershey Medical and Reading hospital offer residencies, as well as most of the high end Philadelphia hospitals. Best of luck!
  5. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Anyone using Second Life?

    Have you gone to http://www.secondlife.com yet? Once you do there is an option that says "join our community" Just sign up for an account, its free, and download the application. Then you'll be able to sign in :) Let me know how it goes!
  6. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Online Rn- BSN in PA

    im enrolled in world campus, but I just realized that we have clinicals we have to do. Other nurses I know who are currently enrolled in RN-BSN programs dont have clinicals to do...why is that?
  7. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Reading Hospital As a New Graduate

    hmmm, no one answered that question, and now im in the same shoes!
  8. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Anyone using Second Life?

    I use SL :) I'm always looking for Nursing Simulations that DONT require you to be a student at the universities. But more and more lately people dont like sharing their simulators to non-students
  9. I graduated last may and have not found a job yet. I'm in the Philadelphia area and was interested in going to Haiti to help out. I am not the type of person who usually steps out and does this alone so I was curious if there is anyone else in my area who was interested in going, or at least helping out in some way?
  10. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    No JOB- Spare time=LOSE WEIGHT!

    I should probably work out, but instead i play games on the internet in between my job search :) But I did do my WiiFit game on monday!! go me!
  11. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    CHOP office nurse's

    I dont know about the salary but I recently applied to a Kids First office here in chester county, im still waiting for a call back. Let me know what you think of it, because I know nothing about what their offices/jobs entail for an RN. Thanks
  12. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    How to find a job in PA/DE

    I graded in May and attempted to find a GN position, with no luck and decided to just focus on passing my boards and then applying for RN positions. I passed my boards last week, and have been spending all day everyday for the last week looking and applying for any fulltime positions I can find. There are not many! I work at a local community hospital as an NA and the only reason I'm working there (and have been this entire year) was so i could have my 'foot in the door' when I needed a job. Well, no luck with that either. I was curious if I should suck it up and start applying to positions i REALLY dont want (such as night shift, or ED) or if I should just wait it out and assume that something will open up that is more appealing to me. I"m afraid that if I take a job that i know i wont like (aka a night shift position) that I'll just be a miserable human being or that I'll get stuck in that position/hospital. Are other people experiencing this same thing? I'm from southeastern PA Thanks, Lindsey
  13. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    How to follow up on an on line application?

    Wow I came on here just now to post EXACTLY what you have posted. I'm from the philadelphia area and it is really really hard to find a job right now as a new graduate RN. The last time I was applying for a job they still used paper applications, where you physically handed it to someone and you could go home confident that they received your application. I have a really big issue with this online nonsense because I feel as though I'm just filling out a survey, pasting my resume into a box and sending it into a virtual abyss, not knowing if the hospital even received it. And then they have an automatic message come up saying not to contact them or email them back. How are we supposed to know that we did everything in our power to assure they recieved our application if we can't follow up on it? I havent called or emailed anyone after sending it, but I havent heard back from numerous places so I'm considering the email option. I'll just say that I haven't heard from them and was wondering if they received my application. I mean, it doesnt get any worse than not hearing back at all, so what harm can a little innocent email do? right? :typing
  14. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I PASSED!! I JUST SAW MY NAME ON THE PA STATE BOARD WEBSITE!! WOOHOOO!!! And whoever came up with that pearsonvue trick is a godsend!
  15. LindseyGeneJellyBean

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I GOT THE POP UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!