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Just took the NCLEX 2.5 hrs ago...


Hi all,

So I just took the NCLEX in VA. I got 75 questions with a lot of SATA's and a few ordered response questions. I am a nervous wreck. VA doesn't allow quick results. I did try the PVue trick and received this message, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration can not be made at this time." Is this considered the "good pop up"?

Thanks :wideyed:

That is considered the 'good popup'.

But worth mentioning, as I hate to see misinformation spread: SATA questions give ZERO indication of how you're doing. You might receive questions at or above passing level, or they may be SATA questions below passing level. Irrelevant.

What IS relevant is that you did only 75 questions. That means either you did very well, and could demonstrate competency in the minimum number of questions.....OR.....you did very poorly, and demonstrated incompetence that the computer calculated you could not recover from.

Which do you honestly think is more likely?

Most students that get 75 questions do pass :)

I feel like I did well. The content was slightly difficult. But I felt like I knew the information and if I didnt I went with my gut rather than linger and rationalize what the correct answer was. That has always helped me in the past when taking exams in nursing school. I suppose we will see tomorrow. But thank you for the input. I appreciate the honesty. :)

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Never heard anything about the "good pop up" being wrong so congrats!!

Thanks vsnkoolcna. I guess I need confirmation from those who have been through the process.

Hi all! Just wanted to let you guys know that PVT does work!!! I found out on Friday (8/1) that I passed my boards and I am now an RN!!! :yes:

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Congrats on passing NCLEX!! What resources/books did you use and how long did you study? Tysm for providing any advice or feedback for us taking NCLEX soon.

Thank you! I used virtual ATI which was provided through South University (the school I attended) and I also used Saunders which had over 5000 test questions. It was a book that I had won in a raffle. Basically I just answered 100-200 questions per day and read the rationales for all of the questions as well as concentrate on areas I was not familiar with. Hope this helps and good luck!!! :)