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If it's going to take me longer to get a nursing degree due to time constraints does it make sense to go ahead and become a CNA so I can start work in the nursing field or does it even matter? Maybe just work at whatever job until I'm through school? I may end up paying for a class at a time, if that helps. Any thought. Thank you.

If you have a previous Bachelor's degree, you may consider an accelerated BSN degree and be an RN.

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If you have a previous Bachelor's degree, you may consider an accelerated BSN degree and be an RN.

In addition to this younger also be able to obtain an MSN. I found this out right before I graduated but if you have a previous 4yr degree there are some programs that it's like accelerated so u get your RN during the program and when u grad u have ur MSN which I think is awesome!

Thank you both for replying, that option sounds great but unfortunately I don't even have an assoc degree yet.

Ok. I know CNA training can be attained with an HS diploma and approx. 6-12 months training depending on the facility you attend.

If you want to become an LPN, it takes around a year.

RN education is on average 2 years for an Associates degree and 4 years for BSN.

Depends on how much time and money you'd like to invest and how fast you'd like to finally work in the field. I know some of these programs also offer part-time and even partial online classes.

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The nursing homes in our area offer CNA training courses for free and pay you to do them and work for them. They are accelerated but only take a few weeks. If you don't already have a job then pursuing work as a CNA would be a great way to get hands on patient care. It generally doesn't pay great for all the hard work you have to do but it definitely gives you the opportunity I take care of people. Good luck!

Thank you. I am persuing both. Taking classes in a couple weeks to get my CNA license and also heading back to school to become an RN.

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Congratulations! I just wanted to mention that some employers will pay at least a portion of (degree) classes, so as you go through, it might be something to look at, in terms of evaluating potential employers.

Thank you. A friend's work place does that, I'm waiting to hear back from them . It's not nursing but I can transfer over once I get started.

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