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Just starting my new job in a Cardiovascular Care Unit!


Hi! I haven't posted that much, but I am excited to start my job at the cardiovascular care unit! I've been working three years at a SNF, on a Vent/trach unit so this is quite a switch! I'm the first week into it, but just classroom stuff so far :) No specific questions or advice so far, I've been reading on this board a bit! any wishes of good luck would be appreciated :)

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From 3 years in a SNF to CCU is a fabulous opportunity for you! Congrats!

Sure you know your respiratory.. but study , study,study your rhythms and cardiac meds/ drips.

Good luck, let us know how it's going.

Hang in there. I have been doing cardiac nursing for 19 years and I love it. Enjoy the journey stay open to learning and best wishes!!

Got my first job on a cardiac floor, almost done with orientation and the idea of being on my own make me a bit nervous, any advice ?

Well not sure who you are asking, but I'm still on orientation :) but as I've learned from my other job - Other nurses don't disappear once you're "on your own"! (ie if you need advice/help ask!) So far I'm enjoying the floor I'm on - nice people, though busy!

Congrats! I hope it is going well. I start my orientation Nov. 3rd on a similar unit to yours.


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Congrats to you! I just accepted a position in a Cardiac Care Unit and am pretty excited and freaked out. My orientation starts Dec 8th.My career has progressed from LPN working LTC to Peds Homecare, then RN at an Urgent Care. Just goes to show that with hard work and drive we can always continue our growth in this wonderfully crazy profession.

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I started working in CCU last June. It's the best. I love love love it. They will train me to take pts on balloon pumps and CRRT in the summer! So excited