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Just now came back from nclex-rn #3

Hai Everybody:p ,

just now I am coming back from my so called "NCLEX-RN " after i took it for the third time today. Last 2 times i got 265 ????? and failed :crying2: :crying2: but today I got only 75??? :uhoh21: so bit nervous bcoz I am not sure if I did my exam really good/ really bad. I had a lot of priority ???, delegation ???, NO new type multiple selection ??, NO fluid calculation??. Pls study the normal lab values.

Do a lot of prayer bcoz prayers are going to change your life forever. Always believe in yourself and always believe that if you work hard then

Success is going to knock your door . I am in california, so I will update once I get my result.

Good luck to every one who is going to take the exam in the near future.

Love you all.

This site with the discussion forum has kept me going all these days. Good Job guys....

Congratulations to you in advance. I believe you pass. Relax God is with you. Mine is coming soon too keep me in your prayer.


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75 questions is generally a good sign in terms of passing. good luck.

Thanks for your support.

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