Just when I decided it's time to find another job...


I work in a cardiology clinic and have been there for more than 10 years. It does seem that after a long period the powers that be just seem to take you for granted, just feel no love and you seem to be invisible when it comes to raises (haven't had one in a few years), etc.

Decided it's time to move on and have actively be sending out resumes for the last week. Landed a phone interview scheduled for today at 1230 with an insurance company for a telecommuting position, etc. (It went very well.)


At 1100 this a.m. - 2 dozen beautiful roses showed up with a card addressed to me personally and also included notable mention to the other staff from a patient thanking me for all of my help and professionalism...........damn...., just when I was ready to go they pull me right back in.

At the end of the day, those roses and kind note were worth about a million bucks to me.


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Send out the resumes. There will be more roses.

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And if jobs could just remember little things like that...ya know?

Many of my prior coworkers and now I are leaving a job at a well known trauma center because of lack of education/learning opportunities and growth. Can you imagine that if they had more frequent inservices, and rotated us through different positions in our ER better, they might increase their retention rate significantly. Not referring to raises or new positions, just inservices and skills like doing triage as most ER nurses do.

Odd that places can't seem to figure out things as simple as that to maintain staff.

Enjoy the way they smell! :)


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send them out ...keep options open..its not personal its business

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I wouldn't recommend staying "because of the patients". There are great patients in every job. Let the other factors guide you in your decision.

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don't you just hate that...just when you lose all faith in humanity...

That's great. But don't let some roses blind you from what you are feeling. It's like you wanting to leave someone for cheating on you and they show up everytime with chocolates, and you decide to stay, over and over.

Don't be blinded by that gesture, send out your resumes, secure a job first, before leaving your current one, and be appreciated much better than some roses.

Good Luck