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I'm nurse at a SNF. The other day I received a call from the Dr because he wanted an update on a patient. So I answered the phone, I said my name and floor...the Dr asked if he was speaking to a nurse, I replied yes...and the I got "Oh Great" in a sarcastic tone. It gave me a chuckle....who else would he expect to speak to...anyone else ever experience this?

Like you said, who did the doctor think was going to answer the phone? The butler? Honestly!

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When he said "Oh great" perhaps you should have said "This is the voice of God." What type of answering service is he expecting?

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Room service, how can i help you!? lol. Doctors are stupid sometimes. that's too funny

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I think I would have replied " I beg your pardon" or "I am not sure I understand what you meant. Could you clarify?"

What I would be thinking is "the feeling is mutual, friend."

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