Just grin and bear it!

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Not our call to make but I view it as selfish and weak, it's neither love nor advocacy when the family prolong and/or add to the suffering. I feel for the OP.


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Torture and keeping people alive when they likely would much rather move on - welcome to Western modern "medicine".

Lawsuit should be filed against those who let him develop that bedsore and develop those severe contractures.

wrong, his disease process caused those bedsores and contractures.



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I'd talk to the case manager about respite care . If they can get him into an LTC for 5 days, it may be enough time to separate her and reason with her. Someone should also try to reach out to a spiritual advise or competent family member to help prepare her.

Aspiration is a serious risk, so keep him up in high Fowlers especially if she's force feeding him. Consider using a thick liquid in a syringe for meds. Administer into the buccal pocket.

Ativan, roxanol, and atropine will help his celestial discharge, once on board.

The best and last medical intervention is a dignified and painless death. Sometime that's also the hardest intervention to provide.

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