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Hey all! I just got out of agency work after 4.5 years with same one. Of course, I had another all that time too but only for odd things in between.

They are really tightening up in Ohio, starting to enforce the non-compete clauses and I fear with changes coming in medicaid it will not get better. They also piled the paperwork on and didn't offer a raise! I did visits for the most part.

I got an independent provider # and while I know it will take time to build a load I like and fits my schedule, I already found things to do for good money. I get what the agency did and I am liking that very much, especailly after the DON said there was no money for raises. I realize there will be higher taxes but I still come out ahead of the game and no DON to deal with. Mine was a bit insecure, young and gung ho on corporate living ie she gets all the benes and weekends off while we work without!

I have no problem with profit but it needs to be for everyone. I too am convinced there is a shortage of good jobs and not nurses. There are so many yukky nursing jobs that its hard to get a good perspective on the market. I wouldn't want to be young and new in this. I don't think I could handle it.

Just wondered if anyone out there feels the same way about things. I don't know that being independent will be the silver lining to a dream but I do know I have relaxed tremendously about things, feel more in control of my schedule and budget. and will have a chance to incorporate, keep more of the money and get the benes I want.

I'd like to hear from others about these things.


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Wow,and I thought it was just me thinking that. Ohio has really tightened up. In all ways. In the area i am working which has numerous hospitals ect. the pay is now lower then it has been in years. They are offering big... sign on bonuses but they are for long commitments. They are running off old staff and hiring new at much lower per hour wages. They are doing more contracts but are canceling alot to. They will use them for one month schedule and then cancel the next month. Ohio is really treating its nurses poorly. :o


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I don't do non compete clauses, and neither should anyone else!


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I don't do non compete clauses, and neither should anyone else!

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a non compete clause?




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I am happily back to doing perdiem agency staffing work...and I agree with everything said here. I can't imagine being a young nurse just starting out today either..I'd probably run for the hills. LOL!

I can stand one shift anywhere and I never have to go back....I keep telling myself that...hehe!:)

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