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Well, I got fired a year into a 3 year contract after testing positive for opiates that I'm not prescribed/investigated for diversion/suspension without pay for over a week.  I knew that there was a 50-50 chance I'd be fired.  I'm actually OK?  I'm relieved that I hit rock bottom and I can finally get up.  I am scared that once they notify the board I'm ***ED.  What am I going to do for work?  How do I go ahead and enter a monitoring program?  I'm licensed in TX but have a compact license and live in VA now.  I know I need help.  I'm scared.  I'm hopeful.  Any advice and encouraging words would be appreciated!

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aaloving1 said:

Do you know: No one governs the TxBON actions!! Even if you go before a Texas Administrative Law Judge and they rule in your favor the BON can refuse to accept their ruling. And, by then you have dropped thousands of dollars in Attorney fees!!


It's like this in every state every medical license.  They are corrupt and they police themselves. 

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