Just got the acceptance letter


Just joined the site. I was accepted Friday at USM here in Portland, Maine. I work at Mercy hospital as a CNA. This is my 5th career (and probably my last). I am looking forward to talking with you all over the next few months. Any tips you all could send my way would be great.



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Congrats! Welcome to the journey.


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I just got accepted last week as well! I look forward to hearing about your experience!


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Good luck to both of you and congrats!

Tips? Study hard and allow plenty of overtime to study, make time for yourself AND your family and pets if you have. I'd advise you to not work, or at least reduce hours if possible to aid in your studies.


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Thanks guys. I am working per diem so I only have to work 16 hours per month to keep my job. That's what I plan to do for my last two years.


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Hi Bill, you are a inspiration to us old guys that still have a lot to contribute to society. When I saw your age I was elated, I am 57 years old and keep questioning myself on becoming a nurse with my age. I love people and have a compassion to help people in need especially children and people fighting cancer. Anyway best of luck to you, at least I have my answer for the fall semester.

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Good luck man. I lived in Portland ME for a few years and loved it. Just couldn't deal with the winters anymore.


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I graduated with my BSN last August at 47 yrs old after several career changes. I am glad to be on the other side and done with nursing school.


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Way to go! I'm 37 and finishing the 2nd semester of my BSN program. This is a 3rd career for me and the one that finally feels like what I was meant to do. As far as tips go, I would say be aware of your learning style, be open to change, be a helper (your life experience will be a revelation to some of the younger people in the class) and don't be afraid to ask for help. As a CNA you're already at an advantage in terms of knowing much of the terminology regarding diagnoses, procedures, and drugs. Good luck! Have fun!


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55 and just passed my boards........get'r done guys. It's going to be tough, but work hard and you'll be fine!


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Congratulations. Age is just a number. Remember you have life experience and that is very helpful. Good luck to you man.