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Just got my acceptance email! What should I do now?

EdVedder EdVedder (New) New

Hello Everyone!

I just received an email from the program I applied to that I got in! Orientation is Jan 12 2018:) I am beyond excited! I'm also terrified.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do now, until Jan 12?

I am 40 years old and I have two kids (14yo and 9yo). I know this will be challenging for all us, but they are very supportive. Husband is on board as well.

I would love advice on:

The best planner I should get to organize myself?

Do I need to have a laptop?

What kind of stethoscope should I get? I worry about getting a nice one and getting it stolen or something.

What kind of shoes should I get? I'm a runner and I love Nike Zooms, but thought it would be nice to have a pair I could wipe down to disinfect.

Thanks for your suggestions and advice! May the force be with you!:up:

crashcartqueen, BSN, RN

Has 4 years experience. Specializes in ER/trauma, IV, CEN.

Congrats on the acceptance! For a planner, I purchased one at Barnes and Noble that has weekly entries and it keeps my straight. A laptop is not necessary, however I found my iPad to be essential in school. I used it to make notes on the powerpoints used in lecture and to record lectures using an app called Goodnotes. For a stethoscope, you can get a Littman classic for about $50 on Amazon, for the price I have found it to be the best quality. It have had a couple (one got chewed by my pooch) and they have held up great. As far as shoes go, everyone's feet are different so just find something that will keep your feet comfortable. You likely won't be doing long shifts until you are further along in the program, so I wouldn't worry so much about that yet. Good luck to you!


Has 5 years experience.

Laptop yes. A high quality one, you don't want to wait on 'loading' documents or pages when you have assignments due. Many of our students got the Littmann brand stethoscope. high quality sound is important for accurate chest sounds. I would get lightweight shoes.

Serhilda, ADN, RN

Specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, ICU.

1. I'd suggest relaxing and making sure your friends and family know how much time you'll be spending away from them now.

2. I'd complete the entire reading assignment for the first exam to get ahead (and hopefully stay ahead). I always got an A on the first exam back to nursing school doing that.

3. I never found a planner to help me much since my program provided us a word doc of the school schedule. I printed that out and added to it as needed.

4. I would highly recommend a tablet (with a keyboard of course). I bought a cheap refurbished Asus tablet from newegg and it's lasted me nearly two years now.

5. I'd suggest a Littmann stethoscope. I was given the cardiology III and it's a bit overkill. You'd do fine with something cheaper but make sure it has a bell and a diaphragm.

6. Your program may require a certain color shoe so make sure you're familiar with their uniform requirements first. I purchased some New Balance walking shoes in white and they've held up great, easy to clean too.

Best of luck.

Planner: I have a Blue Sky Day Designer and I love it! It separates days into 2 columns: one that lets me break down where I need to be during the day and one that lets me outline my to-do list. It was reasonably priced, too! Here's the link if you want to take a look:Amazon.com : Day Designer for Blue Sky 2

MiladyMalarkey, ASN, BSN

Has 1 years experience. Specializes in Neuro.

Take a family vacation or spend time hanging out with friends/family doing things you enjoy. Once school starts your availability for them will get fewer & farther between.

My orientation is on the same date and I'm 40, too. :)

I bought a planner at Michael's and read the Straight A Nursing Student book. Crossing my fingers that it helps!

Pixie.RN, MSN, RN, EMT-P

Has 12 years experience. Specializes in EMS, ED, Trauma, CNE, CEN, CPEN, TCRN.

40 is the new 25, haha. Congratulations!


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