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So I picked up API and II plus labs and precal this summer. The AP classes and labs are going great. I know the material well.. doing perfect. I haven't had math in roughly 3yrs.. but I figured it being some basic precal that I could handle it over the 8week summer semester. I have 5chapters I've been going through today and I'm simply not getting it. I have 5 more to do Tuesday and a test Thursday that I'm positive I will fail. I just called my mom to ask her opinion on it.. she didn't complain to me about dropping the precal.

Pretty much I feel like a failure right now. Blah.


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You have your hands full with the A&P classes. Two of them in one summer session is enough of a challenge. You will have time to take the math class in the future. Good luck.


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I agree that you took too much on your shoulders for the summer semester. Some people would not even consider to take AP during summer. So, don't be dissapointed. Just concentrate on your AP for right now and then take precal on Fall. Good luck!


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I agree. It's more important to do well in your classes than to rush through it. I'd rather take 1 prereq a semester and get an A than take 3 prereqs and get Bs or Cs. Because you don't want to end up as one of those people that finish all their classes in record time but can't get into a nursing program because they received low grades. Slow and steady wins the race :D


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Concentrate on the Science classes bc those are the most impt and just take the math class in the fall or spring. :)

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