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Ok haven't actually logged into my profile in forever just seeing my first post about me getting accepted so long ago! Hehe ^_^

Any who I'm back now to say I took my exam today 6/14/12 @11:30am:

Cut off 85 / 10+ SATA / 5 EHXIBITS / 1 MATH / 1 EKG STRIP / 2 PLACE IN ORDER

And when I left I swore I failed sooo many SATAs I was like I must be getting them wrong! Oooo the stress of NCLEX I had super anxiety as of yesterday when the 24 hr mark hit and that ment no more changing the date!?? I had change it twice already... But 24hr mark set in freaking out teary eyes not wanting to fail not feeling ready all the crazy crazy thoughts that go into it

I did study from 12-5pm the day before and actually slept good and I just prayed n prayed for some inner peace and calm because I knew my anxiety could've possibly ruined me, so woke up today had everything ready to go left and arrived at facility an hr early. Yes i did a test run and timed it lol it's definitely a good idea to do so because I had trouble finding the building on my test run... But I remained calm reviewed over my notes and went in telling myself that hey relax read all options thinking critically you have 5hrs to do this take ur time n read EVERYTHING, and definitely get the ear plugs ..I stop at around 1pm.... Once at question 85 when I clicked next I didn't want it to shut off cause i really felt like i was getting a lot of things wrong >. ........it was all really a blur lol if u can hv someone drive you or you'll be like me sat in parking lot for an hr afterwards trying to recover from feeling so drained from All the stress and anxiety build up ect.

Then after that went to mall to treat myself and soon as I got home about 4.5hrs later logged on to do the PVT and got the good pop up :)! So stressful clicking through the website waiting praying for a pop up! Lol just glad it's over and done waiting for my letter in the mail so it can be really real!


During my program I always got As on all my exams and only one high B, but idk maybe im not giving myself enough credit because I felt like I was just a good Crammer during school?? Lol and that's why NCLEX worried me but I knew I need to review my foundation material so that's why I went the Hurst Route.

***Hurst Online Review

- went through everything once and did Fluids and Electrolyes/ Acid Base Balance sections twice I liked the online because I could just easily rewind a section if I didn't understand a part, but realized I never did the Q-Review practice exam from them lol

***Hurst Review Book NCLEX-PN(has purple on front side)

-started reading this one during school actually and just read the chapters from this one and got an idea of what to expect from NCLEX didn't do the questions on there but on the last few days before my exam the sections about "charts you should know" was really helpful too

***Saunders Comprehensive Review

-we were supposed to be going through this book during school but i never really did lol but im glad i did prior to NCLEX I had laid out this elaborate study schedule for this book the moment I scheduled my exam....I followed it day by day chapters 1-40 then I started to get bored with it too many words no color, so just started doing practice exams and it went kinda progressively 62, 64, 66, 74, 71, 69 except at the end and I was freaking out, the 5e was released this month I was gonna buy it if I failed but thank the Lord I didn't have too :)

***Exam Cram NCLEX-PN

-read the whole book and utilized cram sheet and did the questions from practice exams from the CD multiple times first score i got when i sat in did a whole 200 was 69% and it states in front that you should be getting 77% before taking NCLEX But never really did another 200 after that just 100 or so here and there

Soooo that's my experience but I really appreciate this entire website I've been coming here reading everyone's experiences getting tips ect. So thought I'd contribute maybe something from my exp. maybe it can help someone else one day :)

Do questions lots of them thousands of them lol review your core content knowing why is much better than trying to memorize...and study those meds side effects diets and labs! Believe in yourself relax and you will be fine, and even if you don't get it first try who cares you aren't the first one in the entire world to not pass NCLEX just shake it off study harder and try again :)

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Congratulations for a job well done!

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What meds did you study for S/E of drugs? What material? Good job on passing. I'm doing saundars CD the green book. How did you do contents on CD? I'm doing exam cram CD too.

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Did you pay for Hurst review online?

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[color=#660033]congratulations! :up:

Thanks everyone :) sorry such late responses ive actually been relaxing finally! Lol

Yes my dad paid for hurst $300 I had it since about march I could've went through it twice but only did once and reviewed the notes while studying, and for Saunders CD I did the exam and just did all the subcategories like 200 per day one day I killed myself and did about 385 yeah bad idea haha but I just got my meds from going through Saunders and seeing the med names throughout the chapters as well as from the questions so didn't really like study study then I just made sure I knew the groups ya know like "-prils" ect. But I would recommend doing that bcuz I was stumped on some questions bcuz I had no clue what the med was at all :/ maybe those flash cards for meds would be helpful??

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Which flashcards?

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