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      They say it leads to Narnia.
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      Moment of silence for adequate staffing.
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      They say it hasn't been used since 1985...
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      Well, it looks like Charlotte is at it again.
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      Turns out none of the nurses knew it was here.
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      Don't know why they built it, everyone knows you can't break a nurse.
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      Our archaeologist team had a breakthrough. So it's not only a legend.
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      "I have the bag of sand, quickly open the door and I will exchange the bag for the golden idol. You with me Indy?" "No way man, no crummy gift shop credit is worth this."

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Update (June 26)

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Cartoon can be viewed at The Nurses BreakRoom: Going, going ... been gone?

We don't really need the sign. We already know what it is, but I don't think the nurses know what a "break room" is.

You think this is bad...wait til you see the nurse's bathroom!

"I've worked here for 50 years, never seen any of them in or out of there.... some say its haunted with the souls of retired nurses"

They should just turn this into a patients room. That way it'll be of some use!:nurse:

"Oh, I remember seeing this place during the orientation tour!"

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"Our archaeologist team had a breakthrough.

So it´s not only a legend."

"Oh, this must be the room that student nurses are broken in"

" We don't go in this room, this is where Florence was last seen and nobody has been in that room eversense."

Flu season has been helpful in decorating for Halloween!

"It's been 84 years, and I can still remember the inside of the break room- the China had never been used, the forks had never been eaten with, the break room was called the 30 min of dreams.. and it was.. it reallly was"

"Funny... The nurses talk about this place like it's an urban legend?!"

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