Jobs for nurses, besides nursing!?!


Hello! Does anyone know of jobs for nurses that aren't nursing?!

I've been a nurse over 5 years, with experience in various areas, and burnt-out is exactly what I am. I am also a mom to a new baby, so I want more time at home with her. I live in a rural area, so no clinics are really hiring. 12 hour shifts aren't cutting it anymore.

I have a bachelors degree...any suggestions?!

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There was a RN on here that got a provisional teaching license and got hired on teaching h.s. Science. In an under served rural area.

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Educator in a LVN or CNA program, maybe even in a ADN program


Medical office nursing

School nursing

Utilization review (dealing with insurance companies)

Telephone triage nursing/nurse advice line

Sales representative

Research (nursing, medical)

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Walmart greeter

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What about opening a home daycare. Being an RN would be an excellent selling point. Marketing to, say, teachers and other nurses would be a good idea, I think.

Another idea is to offer night care for working moms who need over night care while they work the night shift. There is a real lack of that service I think.

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A lot of non medical home care agencies hire RN's for supervisory visits. Case management is also an option but is very stressfull. I will venture to say that non clinical type RN jobs are few and far between.