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Jobs for new grads in NZ


Hey all,

I will be graduating soon from the Master of Nursing (Grad Entry) at UQ and unfortunately I missed out on a grad position in Oz. I was just wondering what the general job outlook is for new grads in NZ? Obviously I haven't applied for a grad position in NZ either but I just wanted to find out how easy it is to go straight into a nursing 'job'. I realise I will have to register, etc. Just trying to work out if the jump across the creek is worth it really :)

Many thanks.


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I think New Zealand may be more open to new grads than Australia as it seems many of their new grads apply over here.

Have you tried all the big hospitals interstate as well?

ps its not a creek you cross but 'the ditch'/

Ha ha, the ditch, that's what i ment :) Yes, I missed out on QLD Health, NSW Health and Ramsay Health (NSW). I'm trying to escape Brisbane and would love to travel some more which is why I'm looking at NZ.


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Unfortunately this will be a common thing just like other countries, it is unfortunate that we are still advertised as a critical nursing shortage when we definately are not. I am angry that jobs for Australian new nursing graduates have come to this.:mad:

Hey Zoe I am days away off getting my Nz reg so its all pretty exciting.

from what i understand most of new grad positions will be gone and this year there has been a high demand and minimal supply of jobs. I'm sure its not all bad though but your best bet is to go to the DHB websites and see what positions are available

(Auckland DHB, Waikato, Wellington - Capital and Coast DHB, Midcentral, Whanganui, Tarawhiti, lakes, southland, cantebury) We only have i believe 15 DHBs (District Health Board) in NZ so not too hard to search hopefully.


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We only have i believe 15 DHBs (District Health Board) in NZ so not too hard to search hopefully.

Actually there are 20 DHBs in NZ. Here's a link to the contact info for each...

Contacts Us - DHB

thanks so much!