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Job Prospects in Wichita Falls TX for newly graduated BSN RN


Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a new graduate RN (BSN).

I just graduated in August 2013 and had my twins in October 2013. I just started my job search in January so I realize that it's still too early on in my job search to start getting discouraged. I'm living in Colorado Springs and I'm finding it difficult getting into the hospitals in town. Yes, I do have the stigma of New Grad and I realize that it makes me a tough sell and I have to be patient. I have been working in Pediatric Home Health for about a month now and while I love my client, I'm finding myself isolated. What can I say? I miss working with others.

The hubaloo bubaloo is active duty air force and has been contemplating applying for a Special Duty assignment in Wichita Falls, Texas. Before I say okay, I'm wondering if it's worth it, professionally. I don't want to give up the mountains and fun of Colorado for a job market that's harder than what I'm experiencing now. We were stationed in Abilene Texas for almost 5 years so I know I can do it again, just, small town Texas living was quite the adjustment for us back then and I'm sure it'll be again.

Any thoughts? What are the major hospitals in the area?

Thanks in advance folks!

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Colorado is well known to be in the top five difficult places to land new grad positions as an RN. I would think Wichita Falls would be a bit more open given that it is more rural and less of a high demand place to live. Of course, this is all conjecture. I live in DFW and have no idea what the medical system looks like in Wichita Falls. I know we get people travel here from there for their medical care due to a lack of good options up there but that doesn't mean there aren't positions. I have no idea if they have a pediatric hospital. I suspect not.

Thank you so much for your reply!! My friend said that Texas was a bit better spot for new grads for jobs.

We are hoping to get orders to either San Antonio, or Randolph AFB, however Wichita Falls is a very real possibility for el hubs.

And yes, the market here for new grads is abysmal.

Le sigh :)

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care; Cardiac; Professional Development. Has 9 years experience.

San Antonio has many more major medical centers, including a huge military medical center that draws patients from all the smaller military bases and retired military all the way into Louisiana. San Antonio is rumored to be a better place for new grads to find work as well. Texas is definitely more new grad friendly than many places, but the major cities are pretty saturated and new grads are out of work all over the place in the major metro areas. Both of the places you are looking to move to have more rural options that aren't too bad in terms of driving distance. I think your odds are fairly good compared to Colorado but it still may take a while to find something.

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oh definitely! If we had a choice, it would be San Antonio over Wichita Falls. I have family who live out in New Braunfels, so that makes Randolph AFB a very attractive option as well.

We were hoping to get orders home to Hawaii, but I was advised against it from a friend. Unfortunately, the market out there is extremely saturated and it's pretty difficult to land a job unless you have 2 years experience, which is what I'm hoping to get on the mainland. However that experience is hard to come by. Haha, basically getting the letters of "Thank you for your interest in the position. You have no experience. Therefore, we can give you no experience!" LOL.

I just need to keep pushing I suppose. But thanks for your reply again. We are currently weighing our options.

I live in wichita falls. We have one somewhat major hospital. United regional. We do have a much smaller, physician run hospital that is pretty much a glorified day surgery center called kell west regional hospital. There is a state psychiatric facility that doesn't pay the best but the benefits aren't too bad- north texas state hospital. Has state benefits and retirement.

other places for jobs include most of the home health, nursing homes, and there is one LTAC in town that you can get good experience at if they are hiring called Texas Specialty Hospital.

They are pretty much open to hiring new grads here as there are two nursing schools. If you go to United Regional you will pretty much be stuck on a med surg unit at first but once you get your foot in the door you can switch departments.

I have no issues at all doing med surg. I just need my foot in the door and relevant acute care experience.

I'm starting to really worry. I graduated from an accelerated BSN program in August 2013, had my twins in late October 2013, and so I didn't even think of jobs until about January of this year. I'm working pediatric home health, but honestly, I'm having a hard time with it. I find it very isolating and I'm not convinced that home health is the right place for a new grad.

Colorado Springs is a tough market. As far as hospitals, there are two in town, one that is on a hiring freeze (and has been since I graduated) and there is an over saturation of new nurses and experienced nurses.

Thank you for the info. I'm trying to see if I can get into a snf here in the springs and I really need some kind of experience that's closer to acute care (delegation, etc).