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  1. annie_m

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    I would have given student three a break. As a current student I would rather make up a day of clinical because I needed to pass a course and had to have study time then to have spent a semester wasting a preceptors time because I did poorly on a te...
  2. annie_m


    I was in the online program and switched. I think that the material is covered more adequately in class and there is less work. Not to say that you learn less but for example in online assessment you take a lot of hours to make and upload videos. ...
  3. annie_m


    I went to the one in December and it was 2 hours.
  4. annie_m

    Clinical commute

    To me its not unreasonable. You could get a name your price hotel and do 2 clinics days per week, staying over night there. I live in Wichita falls and drive to Arlington which is 2 to 2.5 hours just for class.
  5. annie_m

    UTA FNP 2016

    They only place for psychiatric clinicals for psych management.
  6. annie_m

    UTA FNP program online

    I would recommend the on campus program just not the online portion. The on campus program is really good. I feel like I have learned so much more this semester going to class.
  7. annie_m

    UTA FNP program online

    After having a hard time trying to pass assessment I switched to the on campus option. When I did this and had to retake the same class due to dropping it the first time I did notice that tuition for that class was $1000 more. It was a 4 hour class...
  8. annie_m

    UTA FNP program online

    I obtained my BSN with UTA as well and this program is much more time intensive. A couple of the classes you could take together but I would definately not take patho with anything else. If you want to have an idea of what some of the class load lo...
  9. annie_m

    UTA-FNP question

    There is not an extra cost but you have to down load respondus lock down browser. It will only let you be in the test and they have you on camera to make sure you are not googling answers on an extra device like your phone. The tripod are cheap and...
  10. annie_m

    UTA FNP-Advanced Patho

    I thought that pharm was much easier and my grade reflected it by about 10 points. But I will say that the book was a lot better. Are you in assessment next Texasrn53?
  11. annie_m

    UTA FNP-Advanced Patho

    Oh you will also need a web camera and a desj top tripod to take your test with. They recommend the logitech c920. It has to be a 1080p camera but not the logitech one.
  12. annie_m

    UTA FNP-Advanced Patho

    I thought the class was horrible. While I know that the content is hard, as it should be, I felt that he did little to no guidance. I asked for help and got told "its graduate school, its supposed to be hard." I will say that he curves the test an...
  13. annie_m

    online NP schools..

    UTA has both an online and an on campus program for the fnp program. The online does have one clinical day required after a certain point in the program. It is also completed throught the academic partnership program that your BSN is currently comple...
  14. annie_m

    FNP or PMHNP?

    I am currently in an online FNP program. I have considered switching to PMHNP but can not decide what to do. I am okay with either and feel if I get burned out after several years of practice that I could always do a post masters certificate to obt...
  15. annie_m

    UTA FNP program online

    I know that I read it somewhere but I can not remember where. I would aim at making as many A's as you can so if you do make a c it will weigh less later on.