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  1. annie_m

    Unsolicited Advice From A Preceptor

    I would have given student three a break. As a current student I would rather make up a day of clinical because I needed to pass a course and had to have study time then to have spent a semester wasting a preceptors time because I did poorly on a test. I have been told that I do really well in the clinical setting but I have horrible scores on my test's. Its not that I don't study or know information its that I test poorly. Should #3 have known that this was not acceptable for your after having spent many days with you? Maybe but maybe not. Also he was honest with you and could have just lied with a family emergency and you would have never known the difference. As for a previous poster that stated that test schedules come out at the beginning of the semester yes they do but I had my instructor change all of our dates all semester long. It made for a very stressful semester that I have no desire to repeat. Your student likely weighed the benefit of one hours worth of clinical learning versus the 4 or 5 hours of study time and what would help him most in the semester.
  2. annie_m

    UTA FNP program online

    After having a hard time trying to pass assessment I switched to the on campus option. When I did this and had to retake the same class due to dropping it the first time I did notice that tuition for that class was $1000 more. It was a 4 hour class.
  3. annie_m

    UTA PMHNP program Fall 2015

    I'll assume they are referring to university of texas at Arlington.
  4. annie_m

    UTA FNP-Advanced Patho

    I am as well. If they can get blackboard to work. I got an email that it was not working....again. They need to use a system that works.
  5. annie_m

    FNP online program--full time or part-time?

    you would most likely spend several hours a night and most of Saturday and sunday reading and doing assignments if you went full time. In patho and pharm you read around 100 pages a week per class in the text book, discussion board posts weekly, a quiz or test weekly and usually another paper type assignment each week. Since you do not have kids it really depends on whether you are able to read and retain information without much effort and complete assignments quickly. I can not as I have little kids.
  6. When turning in assignments make sure that you look at the grading rubric. It has exactly what is required to make a good grade. Sometimes the instructions are a bit vague but the rubric is detailed.
  7. annie_m

    Graduation/Pinning Ceremony

    I went to graduation. I enjoyed it. There were about 400 of us from the 1000 that qualified. I didn't go to pinning. Funny enough the lady beside me for graduation was from california.
  8. annie_m

    What school to attend rn to bsn

    It is a state requirement for the basic classes on any four year degree in texas. I had to have comp 1 and 2, algebra and statistics. While I didn't think that any of the classes were overly challenging in regards to knowledge content they do require quite a bit of time. If you are not a strong independent student I would look at only taking one class at a time. This will make you be part time as the RN classes are either 5 or 10 weeks and the basic classes are 8 weeks. I worked full time with three children while going to school but I also work night shift and have a lot of down time to study. While it is online they require the same knowledge learing for the those students as compared to traditional students that attend the university and sit in class. They don't dumb it down at all. as for the classes you have a professor and then you are assigned a coach. The coach is your first go to and grades all of your assignments. You can ask questions of them first and if they don't know they will ask the professor. All assignments have a grading rubric that tells the point breakdown of the work to be completed. If you follow the rubric you should have a fairly decent grade. Any emails are usually answered within 24 hours or less. As for not having to take all of the basics that are required for a 4 year degree it will depend upon what the state that the school is in mandates. Here you have to have a certain number of hours with certain requirements for any 4 year degree. I didn't really look at any other colleges after I found UTA and just went here. I am completing my MSN FNP currently. You might look at texas tech or texas womens university as they both have an online adn to bsn program but they will have the same basic requirements.
  9. annie_m


    I was in the msn admin online program. I have already done theory, research, theory and research, (beating that like a dead horse), and curriculum developement. The next class I need is patho and it isn't offered again until September.
  10. I did. I transfered from the msn admin program. I was going for the may start date but I already have four classes so the next one I need to take is not until September. But after I finish this weeks assignments I already have the books to start reading for advanced patho.
  11. annie_m

    UTA MSN May 2014 Start Date

    I was in that program but I switching. Welcome to write a bunch of papers
  12. I am starting in September.
  13. annie_m


    Well I checked my to do list and I had all of that stuff due to, in oct of 2013. They never said anything about it. Guess I need to go get a flu shot now.
  14. annie_m


    I got a letter that my request had been granted to transfer into the program in sept. Now just two more papers to write this week by thursday for class :-\. Although I bet I have a bunch of stuff to do now that I will be in clinicals.
  15. annie_m


    are you guys checking your UTA email or your personal one? they will only send infomation to your UTA email.
  16. annie_m

    California residents and UTA

    Well I only have the answer to one of your questions. I know that you can go to UTA and be in california. I graduated in May of 2013 and the nice lady beside me at graduation. She flew in from california just to come to graduation. I know that there were others that have been from california but not sure about the rest of it. Good Luck.